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Oatsandbeans 05-30-16 01:30 PM

Brake upgrade
I am looking to improve my trp skyre disc brakes on my road bike. The trp hy/rd look a simple fix. Can I get away with just swapping the front one as it does 80% of the work or do I need to fork out for 2( or should I not bother as it isn't much of an upgrade anyway)?

Squeezebox 05-30-16 01:39 PM

If it ain't broke, or almost broke!!!

Oatsandbeans 05-31-16 12:28 AM

Originally Posted by Squeezebox (Post 18808150)
If it ain't broke, or almost broke!!!

Yes, good point, but the Skyre ones are a bit dissappointing. I don't want to lose it on a steep downhill and come a cropper. My deore discs on my mountain bike, by comparison are great. I just want that sort of stopping power. I can always keep the old Skyre one as a spare rear brake in my box of bits.

fietsbob 05-31-16 08:13 AM

Mechanical disc pad wear adjustment is You have you been keeping upwith that adjustment process?

TRP SPYre is short pull , Hy-Rd is for that (road levers) as well .

MTB are V or long pull..

many people have said MTB versions of the Avid BB7 work better than the Road versions.

TRP Spyke is their MTB version ..

blakcloud 05-31-16 08:38 AM

I looked at the TRP website and it recommends that Spyre brakes should use a 160 rotor in the front which is an odd size for a road bike. Really there is no harm in upgrading if they just don't work for you. Before I would upgrade I would make sure the setup is correct, that I had the best housing available and that the pads etc are free from crud, oil and other contaminants.

As for the upgrade path, I remember someone on here, that had huge problems getting these to work. Again the TRP website says to contact them to ensure that your lever and upgraded brakes will work well together. Good luck.

fietsbob 05-31-16 09:36 AM

Road disc brake sets on new bikes, are typically 160F, 140R ... it's not odd, its market stock.

dubes 05-31-16 09:54 AM

First, not clear if you're talking about TRP Spyres (road version) or TRP Spykes (mtb version). Since everyone else is assuming the road version, that's what I'll go with, too.

I believe the TRP Spyre and the TRP Hy/Rd use the same set-up procedure, so honestly if you are having trouble setting up the Spyres, I'm not sure switching to the Hy/Rds will help you. Are you sure your brake levers are compatible with the brake calipers, i.e. you're not mixing v-brake compatible levers with road calipers (or maybe vice versa, since I'm not 100% sure which TRP brake you're currently running)?

For help with your setup, I suggest looking up Youtube videos on TRP brake installations, calling TRP, and going to an LBS who has experience with TRP brakes (in that order, assuming you want to start with doing it yourself first).


dubes 05-31-16 09:58 AM

Just had another thought: what brake pads are you using? No one seems to like the stock TRP pads (well, except TRP I assume). I use the Swissstop Disc 15s (s = sintered metallic compound), and they work pretty well after breaking them in (no pun intended). Braking is now almost as good as the Avid BB-7 (mtb) with EBC gold pads that I ran previously before falling for the upgrade kool-aid. ;)

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