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taguy4 03-11-18 03:51 PM

Anyone Heard of Assault Victims Defense Funds?
I was physically assaulted yesterday by two drunken jerks when I stopped at a park for a few short minutes to take a breather while on a ride. I ended up filing a police report then going to the ER to get checked out since the right side of my face was starting to swell, my upper teeth didn't feel right, I tasted blood and my back was sore. I figure I ran up a several thousand dollar bill there because they did several CT scans and a urinalysis. I told the ER Dr. I was concerned about how I was going to pay for it since I don't have insurance and he thought they'd first tried to get payment from the perpetrators, and if they couldn't then there is something called a "victim's defense fund" that pays for such hospital bills that were the result of an assault. Does anyone know of such a thing and if it in fact works as described to me? Thanks for any help.

CliffordK 03-11-18 04:33 PM

I'd imagine there would be various funds for abused women and children, but perhaps they have wider applicability.

A quick search indicates a Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board.

taguy4 03-11-18 04:57 PM

I found that, too, but for some reason my computer wouldn't load the page. I imagine they have a number you can call and they make you wait a good amount of time to talk to someone.

CliffordK 03-11-18 05:25 PM

Crime Victims Compensation

The Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board provides victims with financial assistance for loss of earnings and out-of-pocket loss for injuries sustained as a direct result of violent crime. This includes reasonable medical care, mental health counseling or other services necessary as a result of the injury. In the event of the death of the victim, reasonable medical expenses and the partial cost of funeral, burial or cremation is reimbursable.Personal property loss is not covered, with the exception of clothing and bedding seized as evidence.
The program is administered by the Crime Victims Compensation Division of the Attorney General's Office.

Division of Crime Victims Compensation 120 SW 10th Avenue, 2nd Floor Topeka, KS 66612-1597 PHONE: (785) 296-2359 ● FAX: (785) 296-0652 Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt
Can you get these document links?

You might also just call or talk to your local hospital. It is likely they will have facilitators to help you through the paperwork and application process.

Keep in touch with your local PD.

taguy4 03-11-18 06:44 PM

Yes, I was able to download that. Thanks. It looks like you have to wait to see how everything shakes out before you can file the claim. There's also a place on the application for "other expenses" which is good because they damaged my bike, too, to make matters even worse. I'm just glad I got out of it with my life the way I got attacked because one of the attackers threatened to "cut me" which I took as "gangsta" talk for kill me.

I wonder what I can realistically expect from this given how the Republicans in Kansas under the Leadership of Sam Brownback have pretty much gutted all social programs to pay for giving tax breaks to businesses. Now Kansas is in such bad shape financially I don't see any social programs eliminated coming back any time soon.

FBinNY 03-11-18 06:51 PM

various, though not all states have some kind of crime victim compensation/assistance fund. They're all different in what is covered, and what they'll pay for various damages.

You might go back to the police station and ask to speak to someone knowledgeable about the types of victim assistance may be available.

Bmach 03-12-18 08:38 PM

Just curious but I thought with the ACA that everyone was supposed to have insurance?

FBinNY 03-12-18 08:46 PM

Originally Posted by Bmach (Post 20219566)
Just curious but I thought with the ACA that everyone was supposed to have insurance?

Yes --- supposed to ---. But that's very different than actually having it. Besides the out via paying the no insurance tax penalty, there's still a large number that simply can't afford it.

ACA reduced the number of uninsured, but there's still plenty left out.

CliffordK 03-12-18 08:47 PM

Originally Posted by Bmach (Post 20219566)
Just curious but I thought with the ACA that everyone was supposed to have insurance?

You mean the unaffordable care act?

Trump has officially eliminated the mandate.

However, even before that, there were gap individuals who didn't make enough to afford the ACA, but didn't qualify for Medicaid for one reason or another.

Even with the unaffordable care act, deductibles can be quite high. So, one not only gets hit with the premiums, but the first $6000 or so comes out of pocket... more or less.

taguy4 03-12-18 09:21 PM

Yea, the last few posts are off topic. Please keeps your thoughts and opinions to yourself and just sick to the topics of the threads. If you don't have anything helpful to add then don't post.

I just posted this thread to get more information and because I feel overwhelmed having been attacked, injured, and my life threatened two days ago. I hope no one else here has to go thru this trauma that I've been going thru. I thought this might be helpful to anyone who might have this happen to them in the future if it does.

I will add one more thing then I'll quit posting on this thread since people can't seem to be mature or empathetic enough to add pertinent, constructive things to it and instead use this forum as a cowardly way to be a comedian at others' expense. I got a hold of a person at the victim's fund today and they don't cover things like damage to my bike which is what they consider "personal property".

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