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roaddogscycle 03-28-20 09:48 PM

Vintage Spoke Threader Tool
Hi this is my first post here. I tried to attach photos but it wonít let me until i post enough. I deal in vintage American motorcycles & parts and acquired 2 spoke threaders in a lot of parts I picked up. Iím not very familiar with these tools and was hoping someone here could help me out in identifying them and/or selling them. I can email or text pics to anyone that needs them. Thanks in advance

Bill Kapaun 03-28-20 10:38 PM

Brand names?
What gauge spokes? Bicycles typically use 14 ga. (2.0mm) but might be a size smaller/larger. (+/- about .2mm)

roaddogscycle 03-29-20 07:00 AM

lm not sure how to tell what size spokes itís for. Itís a ďHozanĒ brand. Do you mind if I send you a pic through private message? I still canít post pics on here yet.

JohnDThompson 03-29-20 08:31 AM

Is it this one?

Spoke gauge is stamped on the rolling head; "14" in the picture above.

If so, it's still in production. You could ascertain a reasonable asking price by looking at completed auctions for the tool on eBay.

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