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Mikenobike 07-24-19 01:39 PM

Hello, looking to cycle seriously!
I know next to nothing about bikes but am trying to cycle to get my conditioning to the next level. Shopping for bikes at the moment. Any good cycling training books or resources?

masi61 07-24-19 02:04 PM

Originally Posted by Mikenobike (Post 21042945)
I know next to nothing about bikes but am trying to cycle to get my conditioning to the next level. Shopping for bikes at the moment. Any good cycling training books or resources?

Greg Lemond's Complete book of Bicycling comes to mind for me. You can probably find it at half price books for a few bucks or at the library. Yeah, it is a bit dated, but the information about bike fit is quite informative and it was a bit ahead of it's time as he advocated using a smaller frame but with a longer top tube. I started using a metric tape measure after reading that and taking some notes about my bikes and schooling myself on how to dial in a comfortable, yet fast bike.

The book makes for a good read about Greg's career. Some of the training information might be off a little, especially the stuff about eating a variety of proteins from all manner of wild animals. That part came from the former Olympic team coach - "Eddy B" from Poland.

StanSeven 07-24-19 09:27 PM

Welcome. You’ll be amazed how much you learn from just viewing and participating in the forums here.

gnome 07-25-19 01:04 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums. You may find the Training & Nutrition sub forum helpful.

rumrunn6 07-25-19 07:27 AM

one summer I went to out local library & progressively went thru most of what they had. combined with this forum, actual cycling & wrenching on old bikes, I learned a lot

TMonk 07-25-19 07:59 AM

Welcome @Mikenobike! The "Training Status" thread in the Road Bike Racing sub forum has lots of good conditioning info as well :)

Siu Blue Wind 07-25-19 11:30 PM

You've come to the right spot to learn most of what you need to learn.


Hermes 07-26-19 08:16 AM

Welcome. In addition to the racing forum, there is Training and Nutrition.

TireLever-07 07-29-19 05:04 PM

Depends, but if you ride enough. Sooner or later. You'll want a better bike. I see more younger women buying road bikes. Depends if just for exercise,, or for shopping.. Locking it up downtown in many places. If you can change a flat. Pump up the tires yourself. Just doing brake & deerailer adjustments. Buy yourself a Titaniam Lightspeed. Write me back in ten years.. Really bike mechanics stuff its nothing hard. Just need the right tools.
So starting from zero. No bike(s) in garage? nothing lying around? Find: aluminm rims Drop or Flat handlebars .A Roadbike with triple crank,,(buy) it. Non touring road bikes have gone to double cranks this year. Except for touring,, adventure bikes (Wide tires Drop Bars)__ were a few ten, years ago. Now more popular.
Friction Shifting bikes, Road Hybrid & MTB. Ended in 1985-87. Nothing wrong with them. The rear axle likey a freewheel. And the rear dropout, with between frames is narrower on old bikes. I say that. BECAUSE u might find a very hot deal. At thrift store, police auction, or garage sale bike. But trying to match wheels frames & axles … Just buying a new bike, would be an easier decision. Don't hug the curb, Pedal squares and use hand sicnals, cheers

SpinClassSara 07-30-19 12:23 PM

Can you take a class at a local bike shop? You'll need to know about repairs and such.

Dannihilator 07-30-19 07:45 PM

Welcome to the forums.

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