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haeason50 07-31-19 09:58 AM

Rear Ibera bike rack rain solutions...
Hey all. I'm new to this site, so please forgive any noob errors. I commute on a Nishiki Anasazi and have a rear Ibera rack installed. I run 700cc bike tires and the gap between tire and rack is small. I don't think most fenders will fit the gap? Any suggestions on how to keep dry?

Elvo 07-31-19 11:15 AM

rumrunn6 07-31-19 11:55 AM

my 3 cents: racks are so much easier to mount/remount/adjust than fenders. so I wouldn't add an inadequate fender to an already inadequate rack problem. I would remove the rack, install the fenders of choice front & rear, then deal with the rack issue. there will be plenty of ways to mount that rack higher, but first see where the fender sits & go from there

haeason50 08-12-19 12:42 PM

Thanks Elvo. I found another fender that worked--found a new mechanic who had a solid suggestion. Good advice, rumrunn6...

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