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seedsbelize 10-25-18 02:28 PM

log in issue
I just logged in for the sixth time today, and am still seeing ads.

seedsbelize 10-25-18 05:28 PM

I'm on my phone now, because I cannot stay logged in long enough to post, on my computer. I've re-booted the computer, re-booted the site, logged in dozens of times. I seem to be in an HTML versión when I actually am in. Ideas?

Rollfast 10-25-18 08:34 PM

Switch from the mobile version to NextGen Default style. It may be harder but it might work for you.

Also make sure you are accepting cookies. Remember me doesn't not work without them enabled for this site.

IBThomas 10-26-18 11:50 AM

Can you post a screenshot of the ads you're seeing?

Do you have "Remember Me" checked at your login? That should prevent you from getting logged out.

Rollfast 10-26-18 11:40 PM

I think they've got it figured now IBT, from their other thread.

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