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youcoming 02-11-19 06:59 AM

Burning Thighs
Right off the top I am not a triathlete, due to medical issues I can no longer run but can ride with no issues. I have recently purchased a new to me TT bike and have been playing with fit, I will get a professional fit before summer to make sure I donít kill myself. I have noticed burning in my quads while on trainer once I get up to my FTP and HR seems to be running higher. Is it just getting use to aero positioning, will admit Iím a Clyde and nelly might be pushing up on diaphragm, Iím working on the belly.

_ForceD_ 02-12-19 05:23 PM

Originally Posted by youcoming (Post 20789018)
I have noticed burning in my quads while on trainer once I get up to my FTP and HR seems to be running higher.

I see you haven't gotten a response in a couple of days so I'll respond with what I know. I've done my share of triathlons, but I'm not an expert on this subject so take that as you will. you may or may not know...the geometry of a TT/Tri bike is different than that of a road bike. The seat post angle on a TT/Tri bike is generally about 4-6 degrees larger than the seat tube angle of road bikes. Consequently, your body is more forward on the TT/Tri bike than on the road bike. As such, that opens up the hip angle (thigh-torso angle) which presumably causes the rider to use their quads more on the TT/Tri bike than on the road bike.

Another possibility: As you're new to riding the TT/Tri, and in the aero position, you may have noticed that handling and maneuvering the bike can be more tenuous since you're not accustomed to riding that bike, in the aero position. That can cause some muscle twitch/tension throughout, but additionally in the quads, which can contribute to the new soreness.

Lastly, maybe you're just stoked about the new bike and so you're mashing harder than usual.


Reynolds 531 02-16-19 04:18 PM

Move the seat forward 10mm and up 4mm. Just try it.

youcoming 02-19-19 04:58 AM

I went in for a fitting at my LBS and wow did we ever make a lot of changes. Had to change position of the saddle as in flip the rail bracket over it had to come ahead so much. Raised seat 12mm, 20mm longer stem, moved cleats on shoes, spacers for pedal axle on left side to get leg to track better and ordered 70mm riser stacks for aero bars. By video even in higher position my aero position looks way better with a flatter back and narrower shoulders, pedal stroke is move efficient and power went up by 40 watts.

_ForceD_ 02-19-19 10:37 AM

70mm? Wow...that's almost 3 inches. Let us know how it works out for you.


burnthesheep 02-19-19 11:45 AM

Pics of fit?

texaspandj 02-19-19 12:22 PM

Nice looking steed.

youcoming 02-24-19 02:23 AM

I'll post a picture after the parts arrive and everything is good to go. Yes 70mm may seem a lot but previous owner had cut steerer tube down and had stem slammed, which isn't always the best. Look at some of the top TT guys and they almost all have stack risers , aero might be king but if you can't hold it or produce power in position it's not always the fastest.

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