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Giant anthem 04-19-19 05:59 AM

SRAM NX problem
Hi guys I have recently bought my self the new 2019 giant anthem 2 29er. When I have the bike on the stand and backpedal the chain jumps gears, but when I am riding and backpedal It doesn’t seem to jump gears on the cassette. just chasing some clues as to what I could do to fix it or if I shouldn’t backpedal at all?

trailangel 04-21-19 11:07 AM

Isn't this the beauty of the 1x12 .... you are cross-chaining in the really low and high gears.
Probably doesn't have the chain jump on the cassette while back pedaling in the middle cogs.

wgscott 04-21-19 11:09 AM

Is the clutch on?

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