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GimpyDavid 06-07-19 03:28 PM

Limited left knee flexion
I am a 70 y/o male with a history of 5 left
Total Knee Replacements and would like to return to recreational bike riding.
However, I have only 95 degrees of left knee flexion which prevents me from completing a full crank revolution.
I would like some recommendations for acquiring asymmetric crank arms which will accommodate my left knee ROM
limitations. Thank you-GimpyDavid

groth 06-11-19 03:59 PM

Not sure about asymmetric, but you could try short cranks or crank shorteners. I suppose if you did that only on the left, it would be asymmetric! In any case, crank shorteners are what I used before my total (right) knee replacement (and I only had 1, how did you ever do 5???).

Good luck,

OldTryGuy 06-12-19 02:49 PM

Originally Posted by GimpyDavid (Post 20967799)
I am a 70 y/o male with a history of 5 left
Total Knee Replacements ..................... Thank you-GimpyDavid

5 ???? What happened, wearing out of joint, failure, improper installation, build up of scar tissue causing problems**********

I am years over-due for a right replacement that also requires an upper tibial osteotomy, actually left needs it also but not quite yet so curious as to what caused so many replacements.

Thank you.

+1 on the crank shortener

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