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NoWhammies 06-09-19 09:19 PM

High Pass Challenge - any takers?
I'm thinking of giving the High Pass Challenge a go. Has anyone here done the ride before?

The description says 104 miles and 7,500 ft of elevation change. Sounds like quite the challenge.



Seattle Forrest 06-12-19 01:47 AM

The view should be spectacular. Elevation chart looks like you'll be going uphill (not steep) for the last bunch of miles, ouch!

That's more saddle time than I have in me.

surak 06-12-19 07:14 AM

Haven't done it but have considered it and recently found out that some folks in my regular ride group have made the gold cutoff in previous years. Don't think any of them have done it more than once so seems like a ride to check off your list rather than an event to look forward to riding yearly.

The challenging part is actually the first half to the top where it's timed. Then it's mostly downhill back to the start.

I don't like that it's on a weekday necessitating either a long and early drive from Seattle or lodging arrangements.

NoWhammies 06-12-19 10:19 PM

I'm considering doing the ride. I've been training for Tour de Blast so hopefully I'll have the legs for it. I'm not much of a racer though. I tend to do these events for the enjoyment. But yes, would be great to check it off the list. Not to mention seeing the views. From the description the ride sounds lovely.

base2 06-20-19 12:35 PM

Yep, I've done it before.

What I remember most was getting to the "top" and looking at the accumulated elevation gain & realizing that A) The way out of the finish area was a lot of up, & B) the number indicated on the display wasn't nearly all the elevation to be had that day.

I then carried my bike up the steps to the observation area just for good measure.

The last 20 miles were the best. There was a stiff tailwind & for the first time I wasn't rolling on rough broken roads haphazardly repaved with aging chipseal. About halfway down the return, I dropped my tire pressure to about 80psi. Kind of low for a clyde on clinchers, but necessary at the time.

I outfitted my bike with an 11-32 cassette. I'm glad I did.

Great views. I would definitely do it again.

NoWhammies 06-20-19 05:45 PM

Wow. Great endorsement. Now you've got me thinking I should sign up for the event...

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