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deux jambes 06-11-19 10:40 AM

Junk drawer in a box: $44 shipped
Get it all, the good the bad, and the ugly shipped to your door in one box.

Cannondale expanding saddle bag great condition

Italian made Concor style saddle, suede cover loose around edges

Atom freewheel 14-16-18-21-24 English threads

Shimano 105 hubs, front spins good, rear (126mm) needs service

Mafac Racer front brake, good condition

Shimano Deerhead RD, missing cage stop pin. Otherwise seems in good condition

Shimano Sante 108mm spindle, JIS, excellent shape

SunTour clamp on ratcheting rear power shifter in great condition

Christophe Special toe clips, large. Some surface rust

Dia-Compe long reach rear brake in good condition

KKT Top-Run quill pedals, lots of surface rust, spins smooth

$44 shipped SOLD

Paypal F&F or add 3% for G&S

deux jambes 06-11-19 10:42 AM

deux jambes 06-11-19 10:44 AM

Kuromori 06-11-19 12:14 PM

Is that a super plate RD? I've been looking for one of those.

deux jambes 06-11-19 01:32 PM

Originally Posted by Kuromori (Post 20973465)
Is that a super plate RD? I've been looking for one of those.

It is!

top506 06-11-19 08:04 PM

PM sent.


deux jambes 06-11-19 08:39 PM

Originally Posted by top506 (Post 20974135)
PM sent.


Received, and replied... thanks!

Kuromori 06-12-19 05:06 AM

Oops, should have PM'd first asked questions later

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