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boxcarracer 06-11-19 02:05 PM

My First E-Bike is a BMW
The original plan (3 years ago) was to convert my Fuji bicycle to an ebikekit but that quickly died once I received the kit. The fork was to thin to hold the new hardware. I had to pay a restocking fee which wasn't too cheap and also responsible for the shipping return. After the quick headache I gave up on converting and just rode my Fuji as is until it was stolen.

Quick note, I live in Brooklyn so a car isn't the easiest option and when I do need a car there is always Car2Go or Revel Scooters. So a bicycle is the best option next to a train ride or bus.

This past Friday someone showed me the BMW Cruise E-bike and is selling it to me for $1300.00. I believe its a good deal considering its new with only the mileage I put on it test driving it. I did learn that it is not a throttle type E-Bike, you must peddle and it really pulls once you start going. At first I was kind of disappointed by this but a quick 2 mile ride which felt like 2 minutes won me over. Coming back to my destination there a very steep ramp which I flew up at 15 MPH barely peddling. The fact that I still need to peddle also sounded like a drag at first but to be honest I am glad this is the case. I will still burn some calories and look HIP while doing it.

If anyone has any tips, suggestions, or know of other owners please reply here. Also I could not post the pics of the bicycle because I do not have enough posts on this forum.

2old 06-11-19 02:32 PM

List price about $3500; how can you go wrong? Even if it's an older (new stock) unit, they haven't changed so parts should be available. Haven't seen or heard of any in the CA area.

chas58 06-13-19 09:45 AM

No link?

Is it this $835 model?

2old 06-13-19 03:19 PM

C58; I don't think that model is "e"; I looked up the e-model and it had a Bosch mid-drive.

Robert C 06-15-19 11:15 AM

If it is the model with the mid-drive I would not hesitate at that price. If it is the model with the hub drive I would not get it.

boxcarracer 06-16-19 11:11 PM

Cant post pics yet but yes mid drive

speedy25 06-17-19 11:36 AM

I would hesitate GREATLY!!

At that price the bike is probably STOLEN. Ask to see keys and charger, and/or an invoice for the purchase. Check the frame number with law enforcement.

As for the bike itself, I rode a pre-production model, and then the actual model a year later. They did a very good job on the Bosch programming on that bike. It works very well.


fietsbob 06-17-19 01:16 PM

NB , Marketed by their dealers but not made in Bavaria or even Germany ,

but painted with a famed brand is an old story....

Bosch Motor?

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