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UniChris 06-11-19 09:18 PM

6/29 New Haven, CT to MA line via Farmington Canal
Just thought I'd mention that the Farmington Valley Trails Council is holding "Ride the State" on June 29th, a 56 mile ride from New Haven to the Massachusetts line along the Farmington Canal trail, with around ten miles in the middle on roads.

No association with the group and I probably won't be able to do this ride given that it starts before earliest morning train arrives, but just did pretty much the same route (minus getting a lift across the road gap, but adding most of the Collinsville branch) this past weekend and really enjoyed it.

Make sure to get a picture with the giant bicycle in Simsbury.

If riding the trail some other time, check out the Collinsville branch, too, and consider going on to Westfield, MA. Also apart from anything for the organized ride, while the lower trail has two water fountains and is often near stores, make sure to restock fluids and anything else during the road section and again at Drake Hill Rd or Rotary Park in Simsbury, as there's not otherwise much near the upper trail, especially in the 20 miles between Simsbury and the grocery store at the end in Westfield.

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