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Cleave 07-15-13 04:37 PM

Senior Games General Thread
Hi, maybe this will sink into BF obscurity. If it doesn't, maybe it should become a sticky thread.

This thread is for information, discussions, and race results for Senior Games, including, but not limited to, World, National, and State Games. This thread should replace the 'National Senior Games 2013 (Party at A'Jet's House)' thread AFTER the conclusion of those games. All other Senior Games are "fair game" for this thread immediately.


Why do we need a Senior Games thread?
So that we have a central place for questions and information related to this form of competition.

What distinguishes Senior Games racing from other racing?
Senior Games do not fall under the auspices of the UCI or national governing bodies related to the UCI.

Do the Huntsman World Senior Games fall into this thread?

Cleave 07-15-13 04:43 PM

While at the 2013 Pasadena Senior Games 5K and 10K Road (Running) Races, Cynthia Rosedale, Pasadena Senior Games Director, said that the 2014 California Senior Games cycling races (qualifier for the 2015 National Senior Games) will be in Long Beach in conjunction with the 2014 Pasadena Senior Games. She also said that the 2015 National Senior Games will be in Minneapolis, MN. Finally a location that appeals to me AND my wife. :)

sarals 07-15-13 10:03 PM

I'm glad you started this thread, Cleave. I am totally on board with making it a sticky!

AzTallRider 07-18-13 03:10 PM

I just talked to Ex, and for now we have made the Huntsman Games the focus of my training plan. I'm hoping I will have been hired on by then, and be able to use PTO. To summarize:

....Tue Oct 8: Hill Climb
....Wed Oct 9: Time Trial
....Thu Oct 10: Criterium
....Fri Oct 11: Road Race

Who is in?

FYI: Some SoCal and Nevada cyclists do the Nevada Senior Games while enroute to Utah for the Huntsman Games.

Cleave 07-19-13 11:16 AM

@AzTallRider, I wanted to go but since my wife's 'A+' race for the year (Long Beach Half Marathon) is the following weekend, she can't go and compete with me. I'm going to try to convince her to make the Huntsman Games her 'A+' race for 2014.

Have fun out there. I believe some of my teammates will be racing in the lower categories.

Cleave 07-31-13 11:28 AM

Heard this on NPR on the way to work.

sarals 07-31-13 04:30 PM

Good stuff, Cleave!!

shovelhd 07-31-13 05:06 PM

I met Rosemarie during a break in her matches, just by chance. Tough as nails but a real sweetheart.

AzTallRider 09-02-13 05:30 PM

Hey @Cleave - want to meet in Vegas 10/5 and 10/6 for a Senior Games rematch? Not a bad place to win a race:

Cleave 09-03-13 11:42 AM

Hmm...I was looking at doing the Mt Charleston Hillclimb that same weekend. I haven't spoken with my wife yet about that weekend. I was looking at a diet of hillclimbs and TTs for the rest year (after next weekend). We'll see.

Cleave 09-03-13 04:45 PM

Nevermind. No Vegas baby. CicLAvia is on Sunday, October 6th, and the off season is when bicycle advocacy stuff takes precedence.

AzTallRider 09-03-13 05:32 PM

Darn... was going to say that, if we were both there, we could turn the Road Races into team TT's.

revchuck 09-23-13 06:09 AM

Louisiana Senior Olympic Games
Well, that's in the books.

The race consisted of two TTs - the first was a 20k, and the first 10k of that race is what they used for the 10k times. The second was a 5k. Both races were set up as out-and-backs, so the first one went out 5k and resulted in two round trips to make 20k.

The first TT went as planned. I decided I was going to do it as a 20k and let the 10k time fall where it fell. I started at 15 watts under my FTP and ended up 15 watts (a bit more towards the end) over my FTP, AP and NP were two watts apart. Ended up getting silver in the 20k and bronze in the 10k, though truth be known we started with three guys in my age group, and one quit at the end of the 10k. I was the only guy who Merckxed it, though.

The 5k didn't go as planned. Due to the wide disparity in ability levels, there was a huge break between TTs waiting for the slowest folks to finish the first. There was about 45 minutes between my finish and the 5k start, and despite trying to stay warmed up, my legs just told me, "G'way, we're sleeping." :notamused: They complained loudly the entire 5ks. Didn't come near hitting my target wattage until the last couple of minutes, and felt worse at the end of the 5k than I did at the end of the 20k. Silver.

There was a wide disparity among competitors, as I mentioned. Some were very fit - I didn't recognize them, so I think they were tri guys. Others were just there to take part. The one 80-84 guy was on a Trek hybrid, complete with rear rack, but he was there, ditto with the 75-79 lady with the step-through bike. The tri guys had TT/tri bikes with rear disks and three spoke front wheels, plus aero helmets. Notable among the standard road bikes was a Merlin Extralight being ridden by a guy in his 70s.

Overall it was a good experience. My perception is that at least in my area, the SOG is either ignored or shunned by the usual racing crowd, though not totally, since I found the announcement on the NOLA racing club's calendar. I think that's unfortunate. It could also be due to the TT-only format, which would appeal more to triathletes and non-racers. I just wish it would've included either a crit or a road race.

Allegheny Jet 09-23-13 08:13 AM

Congrats on the podiums Revchuck. Are your state games qualifiers for the NSG?

revchuck 09-23-13 08:29 AM

AJ - I don't know. I did these mainly to build experience in doing TTs with no expectations as to outcomes. That 20k is my longest TT to date.

AzTallRider 09-23-13 09:29 AM

Good job, Chuck.

shovelhd 09-23-13 05:25 PM

Congrats on the medals. No road qualifier? You can always qualify in another state.

I wouldn't say that the SG is shunned by USAC riders, rather there are a significant group of racers who will not race unless there's a decent payout. It takes a different breed to race just for medals.

revchuck 09-23-13 06:02 PM

shovel - I checked, and the Texas senior games are in late March in San Antonio. 20k and 40k road races. Probably my closest bet.

Racer Ex 09-23-13 06:15 PM


I think they are all qualifiers so you're in. We expect you to be on a full Di2 Tri Shiv by 2015.

revchuck 09-23-13 06:30 PM

Originally Posted by Racer Ex (Post 16097004)

I think they are all qualifiers so you're in. We expect you to be on a full Di2 Tri Shiv by 2015.

Awesome! Now all I need is a sugar momma to buy it for me. :)

Hermes 09-24-13 09:15 PM

Well done Revchuck. Congrats.

Cleave 09-25-13 09:42 PM

@revchuck, never look a podium medal in the mouth. (Or was that a gift horse?) Good job and great start to your time trial experience.

sarals 09-26-13 08:41 AM

Chuck, I'm late to the game as a result of being incognito in San Francisco, but let me say CONGRATULATIONS!! Fantastic results, you done real good, boy! And, what Ex said! Shiv.

AzTallRider 01-15-14 04:43 PM

This is another "Qualification Year" for the 2015 NSG. Who is planning to qualify?

Also - Is anyone targeting the Hunstman Games this year?

shovelhd 01-15-14 06:19 PM

Not sure. The CT qualifier is usually on a weekend with no local race so I usually do it.

Worlds, who knows.

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