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StupidlyBrave 10-08-13 03:35 PM

Sixties music Wednesday
Because it had to be...

ahsposo 10-08-13 03:58 PM

The Sixties was the time for Psychedelia and Soul.

To me Otis Redding was Soul...

Live at Monterey 1967

bikeguyinvenice 10-08-13 04:13 PM

One of the original American boy bands:

trackhub 10-08-13 05:54 PM

Sunday Will never Be The Same, by Spanky and Our gang. A great 60s group, even though they only recorded for a few short years.

The Monkees, Look out, Here Comes Tomorrow. This was written by some guy named Diamond. Neil Diamond or something. (Just kidding, Neil is one of the best!)

bikeguyinvenice 10-08-13 06:12 PM

Originally Posted by trackhub (Post 16144350)
Just kidding, Neil is one of the best!

I agree This is one of my favorite by N.D.

ahsposo 10-08-13 06:26 PM

Daspydyr 10-08-13 06:33 PM

3alarmer 10-08-13 06:40 PM

3alarmer 10-08-13 06:45 PM

ahsposo 10-08-13 07:00 PM

3alarmer 10-08-13 07:08 PM

3alarmer 10-08-13 07:08 PM

3alarmer 10-08-13 07:17 PM

ahsposo 10-08-13 07:39 PM

TiBikeGuy 10-08-13 07:41 PM

Be My Baby - The Ronettes

TiBikeGuy 10-08-13 07:49 PM

House of the Rising Sun - The Animals

ahsposo 10-08-13 07:54 PM

TiBikeGuy 10-08-13 08:10 PM

Runaway by Del Shannon - this was the theme song on the tv series Crime Story

bikeguyinvenice 10-08-13 08:11 PM

Very classic metal:

TiBikeGuy 10-08-13 08:16 PM

My Girl by The Temptations released in 1964

TiBikeGuy 10-08-13 08:21 PM

The Shirelles - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

TiBikeGuy 10-08-13 08:27 PM

You're My World - Cilla Black

Artkansas 10-08-13 08:29 PM

This was the #1 song when I got my first transistor radio, a cool Sony with a built in alarm clock.

TiBikeGuy 10-08-13 08:36 PM

The Wedding - Julie Rogers

TiBikeGuy 10-08-13 08:40 PM

To Sir With Love by Lulu

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