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justaguy168 09-25-15 09:28 AM

Favorite Netflix Series?
Lillyhammer: The Sopranos meets Fargo
Orange is the New Black: Excellent acting
Bob's Burgers: what the Brady Bunch should have been
Futurama: Turanga Leela is really hot

Ghazmh 10-26-15 03:28 PM

Breaking Bad

YogaKat 10-26-15 03:32 PM

Orange is the New Black and House of Cards are the first two that come to mind.

Johnny Mullet 10-26-15 05:09 PM

Z Nation
Last Man Standing
The 100
Dark Matter
Sons of Anarchy
Breaking Bad
The Walking Dead
FireFly (and movie Serenity)
3rd Rock from the Sun
Hatfields & McCoys
The A-Team

Rocket-Sauce 12-13-15 05:47 PM


late 12-14-15 12:23 PM

Netflix is going downhill. I used to watch the two decades of Top Gear, and when I came to the end, the next day I would start episode 1 of season one. They dropped 16 years. Every couple of weeks I go looking for something they used to have, but it's gone.

The Almighty Johnsons is great, I liked it enough that I bought the series on dvd (it's cheap).

Top Gear was my fave. I grew up in the Sixties when the country was car crazy. We even had love songs for cars. We all have an inner child, what I realised one day was that Top Gear was a perfect world for my inner adolescent. You get to try a Ferrari one day, and and a Land Rover the next. You go on epic adventures that are utterly pointless. You give each other a hard time.

But the thing that made me realise it was my perfect world was the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. That eliminates as many variables as is humanly possible. It's the exact same car, on the exact same track. It's just you and the stopwatch. If it breaks, they fix it, and you start over.

I watched an old episode yesterday, the star was Ron Wood, the guy from the Rolling Stones. He drove quite well, even Jeremy wondered how he was able to do that, or be alive, for that matter. He came across as a really nice guy, which is something you wouldn't expect.

It helps if you know a little English English, you know, the way Brits talk.

Olden Crow 12-28-15 01:40 PM

I lurk here more than post.

Turn is based on the true life saga of the Culper ring of spies that helped Washington in the revolutionary war.
The advertising blurbs are a bit exaggerated " If it wasn't for one nosey cabbage farmer, America might still be a colony".
The series is based on the war stories of that real life farmer and the spy ring in which he was the main operative.
Rogers (of Roger's Rangers fame) is almost a villain in this series, but not nearly the nastiest one!
The old school flintlock muskets are a joy to observe in action!

TURN: Washington's Spies - AMC

U.V. 12-29-15 05:05 AM

[here in the UK the selection is a little different.]

my current available faves are:

Luther, American Horror Story, and Californication

the sci guy 12-31-15 03:10 AM

Well if you mean shows that are made by Netflix then your list is much shorter to choose from.
We are loving Jessica Jones - maybe a little more than Daredevil.
House of Cards is good or course, but haven't had a chance to watch Orange is the New Black yet.

Regular shows - well there are a lot. I'm currently rolling through all the seasons of MASH, but love watching random episodes of Clone Wars, Futurama, Lost, etc. There are a ton.

Maybelater 01-12-16 08:11 PM

Making a Murderer. A riveting documentary filmed over a 10 year period. 9/10.

FrenchFit 01-12-16 09:30 PM

Connelly's Harry Bosch

oops, that's Amazon Prime.

IcecreamltDan 02-02-16 07:26 PM

The wife and I have really enjoyed House of Cards, Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Looking forward to those shows continuing and the other entries in the Marvel Netflix series like Luke Cage.

deex 02-02-16 07:36 PM

Narcos is great!

Rocket-Sauce 02-08-16 09:22 AM

"Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt" is silly and fun. If you liked "30 Rock", this is right up your alley.

Wilfred Laurier 02-08-16 09:30 AM

My favourite Netflix Original programs:

Orange is the NEw Black
Unbreakable Kimmi Schmidt
Bojack Horseman

There are other good shows on Netflix, but they are not Netflix shows. Top Gear is one of my all time favourites, but I watched it on BBC Canada then the interwebzz before Netflix picked it up.

stdlrf11 02-08-16 09:52 AM

F is for Family

FXjohn 02-14-16 06:29 PM

Better Call Saul is on Netflix now. pretty good

Johnny Mullet 02-15-16 05:50 AM

It's not a series, but the movie Turbo Kid is pretty cool. Instant cult classic if you ask me.

coffeesnob 10-05-16 04:33 PM

house of cards

FullGas 10-05-16 04:41 PM

if you liked The Wire (best show ever), check out a Canadian series called Intelligence...

interesting plot lines, solid acting.

and it's only two seasons long, so easy to view without a major time commitment.

coffeesnob 10-10-16 04:03 PM

Originally Posted by FXjohn (Post 18536770)
Better Call Saul is on Netflix now. pretty good

I like better call saul but the show doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

late 12-04-16 09:01 AM

Originally Posted by coffeesnob (Post 19104215)

house of cards

Try the original version (British). It's better.

Wileyone 12-04-16 09:11 AM

The Fall - Gillian Anderson still looks amazing.
Ripper Street
Top Boy
The Killing

genec 12-04-16 11:59 AM


In fact I am sort of fed up with networks trying to do their own thing... HBO, Showtime, Netflix... in the case of the latter, I suspect that production costs have cut into capitol used to purchase streaming rights for major Hollywood pictures.

HBO seems intent on showing skin... that is their big "seller," regardless of the actual quality of the story... the modus operandi seems to be "stretch the story and show plenty of skin..."

Netflix seems to be pushing their stuff, and old TV these days... and really poor third rate hollywood pictures.

I could be wrong on this... it may be that the contracts are written by actors agents et al, to not allow streaming... and force DVD sales and rentals.

None the less, the Netflix stuff seems to rely on stretching a story line over several weeks... when it could likely be told in a 2 hour movie; the "expansive filler" is plain boring.

genec 12-04-16 12:11 PM

Originally Posted by Johnny Mullet (Post 18272396)
Z Nation
Last Man Standing
The 100
Dark Matter
Sons of Anarchy
Breaking Bad
The Walking Dead
FireFly (and movie Serenity)
3rd Rock from the Sun
Hatfields & McCoys
The A-Team

Most of those are regular network TV shows... not Netflix exclusives... I am watching The 100 right now and I want to just scream "get on with it..." it seems a lot like a cross between Elysium and After Earth with a touch of Lord of The Flies... and really drawn out.

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