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wayover13 08-30-18 04:55 PM

"Noseless" seat recommendations?
I mostly ride recumbent bikes these days and consider my days of spending long hours on an upright bike to be, gladly, in my past. I do keep an upright bike around for running short errands though. And using what they call a "noseless saddle" on it has made riding that upright bike a lot more tolerable in the crotch area (though sore wrists, shoulders, and neck still plague me on rides of more than 3 or 4 miles).

The best such noseless saddle I've used is the Easyseat. I do have another such saddle made by Ergo that, while not as comfortable as the Easyseat, is nonetheless a lot more comfortable than a traditional bike saddle. My Ergo saddle, which has some sort of silicon gel pads inside, has started leaking silicon, so it's now due for replacement. So I'd like to ask for recommendations for a replacement saddle.

Have any others users tried noseless saddles and liked them? If so, what brand/model do you prefer? I see there's a cheapo Schwinn noseless saddle now: anyone tried that one? I've also looked at some saddles that, while closer to traditional "horned" saddle designs, claim to be designed to alleviate the pressure that can cause numbness in the groin--usually by having the horn sort of split down the middle. Any comments on those sorts of saddles, anyone? They look to be rather pricey so I'm not sure I'd spring for one of those.

In closing, I would just mention that I'm trying to economize since, as I mentioned, this is for a bike I use just for short errands. I rarely ride it more than about 15 miles and more often it's 5-10. So spending a lot on a saddle upgrade on this rig isn't really justified. Input will be appreciated.

violini 11-23-18 08:13 PM
I ride a FWD/MBB bike, also keep my old road bike. I saw a new kind of noseless saddle at Taipei Bicycle Show. It's called "All-wing Saddle". You can google to see what it looks like.
Some one mounted this saddle on his touring bike to ride from White Horse to Tutoyatuk this past summer. He told me: "Gone are the pains in the eggs".
It's available in ebay and Amazon for $135. I think it's expensive as compared to my recumbent carbon fiber seat made in Poland.

I just bought the one shown above from ebay. It fits me pretty good and don't feel any pressure at the sensitive area. The size is very small, may not fit women with big hip.

Carbonfiberboy 11-24-18 05:15 PM

Most-liked saddle I've seen in use is the Easyseat. Wrist, shoulders, and neck issues are all pretty easily fixable.

fietsbob 11-30-18 04:15 PM

2 separate pads 1 for each cheek.. a NYT revue mentioned them so the local shop Finally sold theirs..

decades ago I saw a guy who had one he leaned against more than sat upon..


zinadog 04-01-19 03:00 PM

schwinn noseless saddle terrible
The chwinn cruise noseless saddle is TERRIBLE. The seat is hollowed out under your sit bones but raised across the front of the seat. Consequently, your weight is not distributed but is concentrated on a narrow strip across the top back of your thighs. VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.

philbob57 04-02-19 08:17 PM

That Wosawe seat looks a 'comfort saddle' from ISM ( For a lot more money than ISM charges.

Deal4Fuji 04-02-19 09:04 PM

Originally Posted by philbob57 (Post 20867041)
That Wosawe seat looks a 'comfort saddle' from ISM ( For a lot more money than ISM charges.

I have one of the ISM saddles courtesy of BF member verktyg who didn't like it. I can't say I like it more than my usual cut-out saddles that are actually a women's model, but it works pretty well for me on rides of 25 miles or so. One difference that became apparent quickly is that without the nose helping you control balance between your legs, you're less balanced on these stubby saddles. No more riding w/o hands with the ISM.

fietsbob 04-02-19 10:53 PM

Just, in order to have a gap in the middle, they have to be 3 X as wide..

but in the end..Its just another saddle thread.... of thousands heretofore ...

hcgaloi 04-19-19 01:56 PM

I saw this over RoadBike Review, and tempting to get it..

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