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mattkime 09-11-18 10:28 AM

Bullitt build - seeking wheel advice
The Bullitt has a 20" front wheel and a 26" rear. I'd like something durable (duh) and not toooo expensive. I'm thinking about having my local bike shop build some wheels for me but its hard to figure out what rims and hubs I should go with. Otherwise I could order directly from but i suspect buying from Copenhagen might be more expensive.

Some options -
Rims - Alexrims Supra / Alexrims DM24
Hubs - Novatec / Shimano (M6000 / M8000)

Something else?

dabac 09-11-18 11:33 AM

Shimano doesn’t guarantee a hub won’t fail, but it’s really hard to beat big S WRT parts access.

fietsbob 09-11-18 12:11 PM

AND though the guys who created the company may be Danish,

They used Taiwan's Facilities in aluminum extrusion, welding
and Solution heat treatment..

to do the production work, because of the cost and expertise is there..
at best rate.


Alfine 8 speed disc IGH , and a front disc dyno hub ,
because the dark season is coming,

and I prefer IGH for utility bikes... dishless wheels are stronger..

ask what the distributors to your bike shop can get, they build wheels at the wholesale parts cost
so may offer a built wheel, for the retail cost of the parts alone ...
Minus the (guesstimated) $50 per wheel Labor..


ka.i 09-12-18 01:13 AM

Google "rohloff gates bullitt" you will see my Bullitt built on the top result. This was a spare no expenses build.
The Rohloff wheel was built with the Ryde Andra 35 rim. CycleMonkey (North American Rohloff importer) claims it is the strongest wheel they offer with Rohloff. (That will fit in the the Bullitt)

Sry, I can't post links as a newbie 8^D


ka.i 09-12-18 10:24 AM

And... apparently I cannot PM as a newbie either :(

fietsbob 09-12-18 11:47 AM

FWIW , Seattle's Aaron Goss drilled 16 more holes into a 32 hole Rohloff hub and laces it to a 48 hole rim.

the extra spokes, radial, so pattern is 'crow's foot' 2 cross and the radial between them ..

Now there is a flange reinforcing ring that can be added, in wheel building,
strengthening it.. more..


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