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drowling23 09-25-18 03:57 PM

80mm rims on a 110mm hub a bad idea?
I wanted my bike to have nice suspension, so instead of using a Bluto or Mastodon (no offense, but these are very average forks), I took an 80mm rim and laced it with an ordinary 110mm Boost hub. The idea was to put it on a Fox 27.5 PLUS fork. And it works. However...
The problem is that the spokes make a 90 angle with both the rim and the hub. As a consequence, the brake caliper gets in the way, so I've had to file it.
My question: how bad an idea was this? I can fix the scratching of the caliper with a 203mm rotor, but would it be better to, maybe, use a more narrow rim? Or is this generally a bad idea and not a strong wheel?
Reason I'm asking is I'm guessing nobody does this, people just use a 150mm front hub that doesn't have these issues.
Still, I'm curious.

unterhausen 09-25-18 04:17 PM

that's a really interesting question, does the wheel stay true?

drowling23 09-26-18 01:16 PM

It does (I think), would you expect it not to?

unterhausen 09-26-18 01:50 PM

if the lack of bracing angle of the spokes was causing a problem, one likely issue would be that it wouldn't stay true.

drowling23 09-26-18 03:11 PM

I don't think this is an issue right now.

rangie 09-29-18 08:23 AM

The Mastodon pro is far better than the Bluto and will fit any tire and rim combo currently made. There's a right tool for the job in this situation.

That Fox fork will still only fit a 4" tire. No need for an 80mm rim on a tire that small.

Filing on a brake caliper to make things fit seems like a bad idea.

drowling23 11-06-18 07:49 AM

I have installed the Mastodon Pro and it sucks as much as Bluto. Compared to the Fox FIT4 damper, those fatbike-specific forks are a joke. They're so bad it's not even funny, like there's a time delay before the forks start to work, small bump compliance is literally nowhere.

fietsbob 11-07-18 05:39 PM

I'd have to see it, but I cannot.

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