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McStumpy 10-04-18 12:40 PM

Brake cable doubler and hydraulic brakes
Hi, Im thinking of buying an adventure / gravel type bike to compliment my road bike. If its a model with hydraulic disk brakes..... will the brakes still work if I go with same solution as calliper braked road bike for one handed use. Ie using a problem solver cable doubler to allow one lever to pull both brakes at once? Im not sure how the hydraulic brake system works and I just want to double check before I buy .


McStumpy 10-04-18 01:10 PM

Ok, have established that the Problem Solver cable doubler is no good for hydraulic brake cables (understandably). Has anyone managed to set up for one handed use with hydraulic road brakes / brifters? Thanks

fietsbob 10-26-18 03:37 PM

you seem confused
hydraulic cables? hoses are for fluids.. housing, for cables, are dry inside..

I have adopted TRP Hy Rd calipers , which are hydraulic within themselves,

the cable pulls lever attached to 1 master cylinder, that pushes mineral oil
that oil pressure goes to 2 slave cylinders that pushes the pads to the disc.

its cable all the way to the caliper.. you could just as well use mechanical disc brakes instead
only the calipers differ..

I don't understand why you have decided it wont work

without actually trying it,,

A year ago my friends at the LBS, used one of those cable doublers 1 brake lever
to pull the actuating levers on 2 S-A Drum Brake Hubs,
in order to have braking power on a wide cargo trailer

used by a Hunter to haul an Elk Carcass out of the woods,
game shot, during Hunting Season.


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