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bark_eater 11-08-18 08:48 AM

Big kid Yepp Junior seat and Hooptie on Big Dummy?
I'm seriously concidering a Surly Big Dummy. I will need to mount a big kid seat like the Yepp Junior.

Yepp Junior

And a set of Xtracycle Hooptie's.

I gather that there are some compatability issues between the different generations of Big Dummy and Xtracycle. Does any one know what parts I will need to make this work? thanks, Woody

Nightdiver 11-08-18 07:05 PM

Don't know about the compatibility issues, but just wanted to ask why the Big Dummy? If one of my main uses was carrying a larger passenger on the rear, I'd go with a smaller wheel option like the Xtracycle Edgerunner or Yuba Sweet Curry. Both of those will take some sort of bar system without issues and keep the weight lower than the Big Dummy.

bark_eater 11-10-18 07:57 AM

I've gone through the various permutations and it seems like the Dummy is more likely to stay in the family as a "truck" or touring bike. We also live in a a rural area so the more usual ride is 15 to 30 mile for coffee, ice cream and playgrounds.

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