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masi61 01-03-19 07:43 AM

44 Cannondale or XS 48 Focus for 5 GF
For 2019 I’m building up not one, but 2 hydraulic disc road bikes. One for me and one for my girlfriend. I have a size medium titanium Wittson through axle disc sloping top tube frame for my 5’11” self that I’m very excited about.

I stockpiled some extra parts for my build and realize that I have 2 disc wheel sets, 2 complete Shimano mechanical/hydraulic shifter sets (with calipers).

So so it occurred to me, why not take the plunge into disc road in an even bigger way and do a mini production run and pump out 2 bikes?

This leads to my question of fit for my girlfriend. For somewhere around $700 I have found a Cannondale CAAD12 2017/2018 frameset, size 44. I have also found a full carbon Focus frameset (I think it is like a 2016 Izalco disc) that is listed as a 48 or “XS”. My girlfriend is about 5’ or maybe 5’1”. I’m thinking that the 44 would be a more versatile fit for her. I suspect that the Focus could also be made to fit but the seatpost would be lower and the stem shorter.

I like that that the Focus has through axle front and rear whereas the Cannondale seems to have through axle front and 135mm quick release disc rear.The Focus is also full carbon where the Cannondale is sculpted, oversized aluminum. The frame material is not really a deal breaker for me - either one would be stiff and light I imagine.

If if anyone could provide some guidance or suggestions that would be nice...

fietsbob 01-05-19 02:40 PM

Got either one available for her to test ride, in person ?

Generically women have proportionately longer legs and shorter arms and torso , so companies like Trek have Frames with a women's specific design WSD.

seat tube C-T, center to top, C-C center to tube center , or center to the top height of the seat tube, where it ends at the band clamp?

and what is the top tube length ?

Is She OK With Toe overlap with the front wheel? it's a common problem with small frames combined with big 700c wheels..


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