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sombrancelha 01-14-19 03:42 PM

Delete account

Please delete my account. I signed up for this forum several years ago and I no longer use it.

Juan Foote 01-14-19 03:48 PM

Is there some advantage to having your account deleted rather than just not logging in? No shifty, just curious.

Rollfast 01-15-19 03:57 AM

Ten years since the last posts is a long time. How did you remember your password?

Well, thank you for being here and much success down the road. I hope you got what you needed from the site.

riccofiori 01-21-19 01:09 PM

Delete account
Please delete my account.

Rollfast 01-21-19 10:35 PM

Please send a PM to a staff member if you can?

unterhausen 01-22-19 05:53 AM

we don't delete accounts. We can ban you on request

Siu Blue Wind 01-22-19 02:17 PM

Please message me if you would like to do this. Thank you.

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