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nmichell 01-27-19 04:13 PM

Ride the Rockies this year?
Anyone looking at Ride the Rockies this year? The route includes a lot of places I haven't been to before (which is kind of a sad commentary, considering that I live in Colorado).
Independence Pass and Monarch Pass are the big name climbs, neither of which I've done.

Alfster 01-27-19 05:57 PM

That's only a dream for me right now. Need to get into much better shape. Someday I'd like to do a Jasper to Banff ride.

jppe 01-27-19 09:01 PM

I’ve looked over the route but I’m not sure I can attend this year. All the overnight towns are nice and can handle the group except for Hotchkiss. However RtR usually has vendors and a nice band at the fair grounds there. I’ve climbed Independence Pass a few times but it’s always been from the Aspen side. Monarch Pass always felt tougher for me than the numbers for some reason. It’s one of my favorite tours but my wife has scheduled family time at the beach starting the Saturday the ride is finished. It’s at least a two day drive back to NC so she will probably want me to not go. Plus I’m still recovering and just don’t know if I’ll be ready by then.

i hope you decide to go.

indyfabz 01-31-19 01:52 PM

I drove up the east slope of Independence on the way to spending a few days in Aspen. During my stay I cycled up and back down the west slope. Even though I had been out west the entire summer, much of it riding, the altitude still got to me. (The summit sits at over 12,000'.) The descent was fun. During the more curvy parts there were some Harley riders in front of me. I rode behind them and took the lane. The guy immediately in front of me was nice enough to point out rocks and other debris in the road.

Monarch I did east to west fully loaded. Had a hard time with it, but that may have been due in part to doing both Hoosier from Breckenridge and Trout Creek from Fairplay the day before.

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