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Trinity Pratt 02-14-19 11:30 AM

Dragged out of the shadows
Oh well, all right ... been lurking around here for 7 or 8 years, joined in 2013. Somehow never posted anything until just recently, which I didn't realize until I tried to put a pic of my "new" Zero.9 on the Wilier thread.

So anyway, I'm a long-time runner who started riding in 2007, for the first time since I was a teenager, when my employer gave me a cheap MTB for my 25-year anniversary. That same year I turned 50, so, yes, I'm old. Nevertheless, I went on to buy a road bike in 2010, started (and eventually mostly stopped) racing crits - funnest/hardest/scariest thing I've ever done. I mostly ride road, mostly solo, but do get out on some gnarly single-track with my boys and our MTBs every so often.

By now, between me, my wife, and two sons, there are 13 bikes in the basement "bike room", spanning 1953-2017. Pretty much do the maintenance myself; as a vintage-car owner I'm used to that, plus have learned a great deal from these forums, You Tube, and just talking to friendly mechanics in the local shops. Guess I mostly hang around the C&V, 50+, Masters Racing, & Mechanics forums. Haven't said much since I hate looking dumb, though for some reason it seems to happen to me a lot.

Thanks for listening, see y'all around.


cb400bill 02-14-19 08:39 PM

Welcome! We're glad that you have de-cloaked and started posting.

LAJ 02-16-19 07:02 AM

Good to see you, Dbradley!

Siu Blue Wind 02-16-19 09:56 PM

Hello and welcome! A few people have joined a while ago and finally decided to post. I'm glad you did!

And don't worry about "looking dumb" everyone starts somewhere and if there is anyone that gives you trouble, just report it by clicking on the red exclamation point to the left of the offending post. It's anonymous and it will be taken care of if need be.

So post away!

We probably can learn a lot from YOU! :)

Trinity Pratt 02-18-19 07:58 AM

Thanks, all.

sjt 02-18-19 08:52 AM

Greetings from greater Raleigh. As another family of 4, I have some catching up to do, only about 9 bikes here but no basement to put them in.

palangu 02-18-19 10:03 AM

It seems that to be here with no posts, just looking, is quite common. Ive been reading quite similar histories lately. Like me, I joined in 2013 too and just present myself a couple of weeks ago, my first interaction here. I would be glad to became able to post pics too.

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