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Glenn6870 02-18-19 07:24 PM

KMC Chain
The last time i bought a KMC Chain (X10.93 Nicks plated 116 links) , over a year ago, it was all silver. I recently picked up two more chains, same model, and they are Black and Silver. Does anyone know if they changed to Black and Silver or was that always an option? I donít mind the color, I am just curious.

trailangel 02-18-19 11:09 PM

10.99 nickel
10.93 half nickel

I think they have changed the names of their chains

Glenn6870 02-19-19 11:49 AM

I found a contact us link on the KMC website and sent a message. just got a response. So if anyone else happens on this thread and wants to know the answer, here it is:

Thank you for your inquiry.
Previously, the X10.93 was nickel plated and gray. Now the X10.93 is the X10 Silver/Black, the color was upgraded. This is the new name and new color.
Best Regards,
KMC Team

jimincalif 02-19-19 01:12 PM

I've been using KMC chains for a number of years with good luck. I've just installed the last of my spare 10 and 11 speed chains on my bikes. Now looking to get new spares it seems the KMC chains are quite a bit more expensive than similar Shimanos?

For example

KMC X11SL - 243g - $63
Dura-Ace / XTR CN-HG901 - 246g - $35

Seems like it used to be the other way around?

Glenn6870 02-19-19 05:59 PM

Can’t help you there. The X10.93 is stlll about $25. Don’t have 11sp so i don’t know.

VegasTriker 02-19-19 07:03 PM

There is not much difference in price between the KMC X10.93 and X11.93. Lots of ebay sellers who sell bulk chain from a large roll who still have the old color chain. 11-speed is $21.50 for 116 links and just a little more for the one that is boxed. 10-speed is from $15-$20 in bulk and boxed right at $20 with either color available. Prices include shipping.
bulk 10-sp 116 links $19.65
OEM packaging $19.94!-1:rk:6:pf:0
11 speed bulk, 114 links $21.50
11 speed packaged 116 links $21.75

sdmc530 02-19-19 08:37 PM

Like stated above I but three of the 11.93 model for something like $55 or something. Have had no issues with them. The fancy all silver plated light weight version that came factory is something like $40 on eBay. Not worth it to me.

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