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Teamprovicycle 02-19-19 08:50 PM

direct frame press fit bb90 options
im trying to get my trek madone ready for this years events and rides , i have been looking for more options to make the bb90 issue easier to deal with , i was running kogel bearings but they failed me , and kogel didn't even respond to my emails , so im pretty much done with their company , so its on to maybe bb infinite or enduro parts , but i came across this ,

it says it screws together and makes the installation easier , stiffer , no extra tools needed , someone suggested something like this before , i was wondering if anyone knows if this will work with a direct press in frame like the trek madone bb90 , it says its for sram gxp bb90 and others , but there seems to be a disconnect on the sellers end , they dont understand a press fit can go into cups and can go direct into the frame ( cough cough KOGEL YOU SUCK ;P ) , lemme know what you think plz ??!!?!?!??!

ninja bb90 thingy

TimothyH 02-19-19 09:47 PM

Both Praxis Conversion and Enduro Torqtite make screw together bottom brackets similar to the Token.

The Enduro does not press into the frame. It slides in and screws together. There is no pressing involved.

The Praxis conversion instructions say that the drive side might need to be pressed but most people just shove it together.

I own an Enduro Torqtite. It took two minutes to install with two standard Shimano bottom bracket tools.

Not sure if they are made to fit your frame. You will have to search.


Teamprovicycle 02-19-19 11:21 PM

i have the bb90 , its listed at 95mm , i cant even find the right version on the website , it says bb90 frame but lists no product , i emailed them hope they get back , it would be nice to just need a bb cap to install and replace the bb .

im sure you would still have to have bearings pressed into the cups and body when you need to replace just the bearings ??

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