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3forcarter 09-30-18 10:51 AM

Help with purchasing first triathlon bike
Hi everyone,

I'm currently in the process of purchasing my first triathlon bike. I'll be racing Ironman Canada in Whistler next summer.
I've narrowed my choices down to (all 2017 and later models):

1. Argon 18 E-117 (105 OR possibly Ultegra)
2. Cervelo P2 (105)
3. Felt IA16 (105)

I was hoping I could get some advice regarding which bike would be the best choice and why?


lsousa 10-28-18 09:12 PM

First things first:

Make sure all these options are your true size.
Do not start to training in the bike without a proper bike fit.

105 groupset is quite heavy, if you can avoid it and get a Ultregra your life is gonna be better!
I would say an Argon18 E-117 has a nice aero frame for the value. Could be my first option, but it the Cervelo P2 is not a bad option in the end. The issue here is that groupset has come with Cervelo is pretty terrible compared to a new E-117

ps: Do not avoid make a bike fit before purchase the bike, if both are in the same store maybe you can try it

McBTC 10-30-18 03:41 PM

The Argon I saw looked too hot to pass up... but, Felt does design a good bike.

BikeAndIke 06-13-19 03:56 PM

3forcarter, did you ever settle on a bike? I'm new too and would like to really get started and was wondering how your experiences have been?

fraba 06-13-19 07:16 PM

+1 for having a fit.

If you compare the geometries, I believe you would find that the Cervelo have a little more stack, which is good for real world aero position without a pile of spacers under the stem. But the reach is also a little longer... yes, a FIT.

burnthesheep 06-14-19 08:57 AM

Get fit, then check out the adjustment windows for each contact point (saddle, cockpit) for what you're going to buy.

Some super integrated stuff isn't super adjustable, or as easy/cheap to adjust.

Also consider that events you're going to be doing and what storage requirements that entails. If you're doing sprints, or even maybe up to 1/2 IM bike leg distance.......that look a lot different than full IM distance bike leg needs.

That could influence your bike decision a lot as to how easy it is to utilize for that storage, in an ergonomic and aero way.

You don't want to buy a bike that fits great and is pretty aero, then you wind up adding a bunch of aftermarket tack ons that makes it look like a delivery truck in a 3rd world country.

The groupset thing is least of my concerns on a TT bike with mechanical shifting. Your shifters will be what they're going to be no matter the FD/RD/crankset fitted to it. There's no concept in tri/TT of 105/Ultegra for mechanical bar ends. Only DA or a competitor's shifters. You're likely ditching the factory wheels anyway also.

I'd go for 105, sell it, and get some 165mm cranks in Ultegra and upgrade what you want. You likely won't be getting short cranks out of the box. So, if not, why pay premium for a crankset you're going to ditch anyway?

That's my $0.02.

Also, maybe see if there's a local triathlon or TT group to go meetup and see if anyone local has one you can see and talk about in person.

3forcarter 06-16-19 07:34 PM

Originally Posted by BikeAndIke (Post 20977469)
3forcarter, did you ever settle on a bike? I'm new too and would like to really get started and was wondering how your experiences have been?

Yup, I ended up goig with the Felt IA16 - No complaints 9 months later. As everyone else has also mentioned, I would highly recommend getting a fit first to determine what bike on your short list suits you the most. Fit is everything!

BikeAndIke 06-17-19 07:12 AM

Awesome, thanks!

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