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Code Zero 08-13-19 05:51 PM

Bradford from SoCal
I have great memories of living at the beach and riding my cruiser bike on the boardwalk. But times change, I moved away and spent 27 years in the aerospace industry, far from the beach and the boardwalk. Now Iím retired, back at the beach and busier than ever with my new hobby designing and fabricating my Outrigger Sail Bike rack assemblies. My current bikes are a Trek Rail three, Trek Rail one, and a Dyno Roadster. It feels good to be back.

Trsnrtr 08-13-19 08:37 PM

Welcome back! Enjoy the ride!

gnome 08-13-19 09:09 PM

Welcome to bike forums.

TMonk 08-14-19 07:38 AM

Welcome back @Code Zero. Fellow SoCal rider here.

Hermes 08-15-19 08:43 AM

Welcome from SoCal.

Millerfish 08-18-19 02:49 PM

SoCal here also

derekjon 08-18-19 03:17 PM

Welcome back, fellow Californian!

jimmy78 08-22-19 10:17 AM

Hi bud, welcome! I'm from Downey Ca. How many bikes do you have?

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