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frogman 09-17-18 09:06 PM

I keep getting logged off
Several times lately I have been composing a reply to a thread and when I hit send I am logged off ! I log back on and go to where I was before and sometimes my reply message is there and I just hit send again and it is added to the thread. Sometimes my message is gone and I have to write it all over again. What am I doing wrong ? Am I taking too long to compose my message and there is a timer that logs me off ?

Siu Blue Wind 09-17-18 11:48 PM

When logging on, clicking on "remember me" keeps you logged on.

frogman 09-18-18 06:54 AM

Ah, OK thanks :)

seedsbelize 10-25-18 05:38 PM

Originally Posted by Siu Blue Wind (Post 20572099)
When logging on, clicking on "remember me" keeps you logged on.

Not for me.

Rollfast 10-25-18 08:27 PM

What browser are you using? Also, have you set it up to accept cookies for this site? Without cookies the Remember Me does not work, it relies on cookies.

Not holding cookies doesn't make you anonymous, it just means that features that require them may not work properly.

So called 'anonymous' browsing is such a situation. Enable them for this site.

seedsbelize 10-25-18 08:35 PM

It's working now. We'll see for how long.

Rollfast 10-25-18 08:36 PM

You should be all set now.

seedsbelize 10-26-18 03:52 PM

That did it. Thanks!

Rollfast 10-26-18 11:22 PM


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