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atbman 11-02-18 06:51 PM

There are hill climbs and hill climbs
Not quite the usual hill climb competitors :)

Fargo Wolf 11-27-18 06:00 PM

I hear ya.... Some hills I can do (but struggle to climb them) and then there are those where I need to get off and push. Thankfully, the latter is only at a count of 1 at this time.

Big Blu 01-07-19 06:49 AM

Mostly flat where I'm at, love it

fietsbob 01-13-19 05:29 PM

Touring content
South shore of Loch Ness is definitely better from the Inverness end, than from the Ft Augustus end ,

but I did start from Oban, after Island hopping on the Cal Mac Ferry..

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