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scotch 04-27-18 08:16 AM

Originally Posted by carlton (Post 20303673)
Not my bike but with 700x38 tires and 175 cranks it would be 23" on the bottom, 124" on the top. 11-32 would be 29" low, 124" high.

Sorry for the late response, but this seems about right. The only difference is I'm running 36s.


scotch 04-27-18 08:18 AM

Originally Posted by TimothyH (Post 20302154)
^^ That's crazy right there. I love it. :thumb:

You are going to surprise a lot of guys when you spin up a wall while seated.

What is it in gear inches?

Hot. 10/10. Would ride.

Thanks! There's a Jamis Renegade FB group where people have even put smaller rings on the front and up to a 46 on the back. Sometimes this requires the Wolftooth Tanpan clutch, but they make it work and the chain wraps like a charm. I guess that'd be for super serious uphills.

Larry Nigro 08-16-18 11:15 AM

Just installed Wolf Tooth road link on a Specialized Roubaix with Tiagra 10 speed group set. Bike has 50/34 up front and had a 12/30 cassette. Replaced rear cassette with a 11/34 cassette.
Only gear I cant get to is when on the 50 chain ring up front is the 34 gear in the rear all other gears work perfectly. Did not have to change chain or adjust B screw.
Only thing I had to do was file down the derailleur hanger this is explained on the Wolf Tooth website.

Clem von Jones 08-16-18 02:33 PM

I ran a Roadlink with 44x40 (nine speed) but I recently installed a new Shimano Shadow RD and that works a little better. It also has a bit more capacity and will work with 42t although it's officially rated to 36t.

Jakedatc 08-16-18 09:20 PM

I tried it on my Focus Mares.. Rival 46/34 front with 11-36. didn't work great for me. Put on an X9 RD instead and is much better. bonus points for the clutch for no chain slap.

Larry Nigro 09-06-18 02:44 PM

Just an update had new chain installed at Goodales in Hookset NH new chain lets me get to all rear gears when on the 50 or 34 chain ring.
Mechanic cut chain one link longer so instead of say removing three links he only removed two.

5teve 09-07-18 09:21 AM

I had one on my old gravel bike, with an Ultegra 10 speed rear derailer, 11-36 cassette, 36-46 cranks. It worked fine, no notable degradation of shift quality and it had an uninteded benefit of providing a breakaway component to my hanger. I picked up a stick that wound my chain and rear derailer into a mobius strip configuration and the wolftooth sheared off, saving my derailer and hanger. All I had to do was untangle it, remove the parts of the roadlink, bolt the derailer directly to the hanger and carry on. I replaced the road link shortly after of course...

cs1 09-11-18 04:14 AM

Anyone try one with a Campagnolo derailleur? The only problem I can see is the lack of cassettes with a really low gear.

Stormsedge 09-11-18 04:58 AM

My buddy has had one on his bike with 11-40 for over a issues that I am aware of.

cs1 09-12-18 04:32 AM

Originally Posted by Stormsedge (Post 20558776)
My buddy has had one on his bike with 11-40 for over a issues that I am aware of.

Is he using a Campy cassette? I didnít know they made a 40T version.

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