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aniki 05-08-19 03:54 AM

Aero Opinions

Carbonfiberboy 05-08-19 03:51 PM

Yeah well, bike is much too small for you. You can't get low or even straighten your back because you're all smashed into a short cockpit. Can't tell for sure but saddle looks too low also, which would make sense. Looks like a nice bike, too.

You could try full-size bars and a longer stem. Can't tell if that would be enough.

Loose Chain 05-08-19 06:13 PM

I would say, from that photo, that bicycle is too small. And also agree the saddle may be too low. Your elbows are nearly locked as well which makes me think your back is not as flexible as you might think.

I know rule of thumbs do not work, must be how they got to be rules of thumb, nonetheless, with the saddle set to 109% of your actual PBH (pubic bone height in stocking feet, another rule of thumb) and your hands on the hoods (where are your brake hoods--dumb question?) if you look down your front axle should be hidden by your upper bars (plus or minus a skosh) and the saddle set fore and aft such that with the pedals parallel to the earth, a plumb bob rested over your knee would point to the pedal axle (yet another rule of thumb).

In such condition, if the axle is well behind the bar top, the frame is too little, if well behind it is too big, if just a little this way or that, adjust with saddle height and fore/aft position and saddle set back and stem length to get optimal. Optimal, rule of thumbs, KOPS, 109%PBH, stem length correct, then you should not see the pretty axle when on the hoods.

Most people can tolerate or even prefer slightly larger or smaller, a fit range, of oh, say four (4) CM or plus/minus 2cm of optimal.

Me, I prefer smaller frames in my fit range, feel a little stretched when set per above and that could be because I have somewhat longer legs and shorter torso proportional to what Leonardo thought is optimal. Imagine fitting Michael Phelps with those long, long arms and lengthy torso and short powerful legs!

aniki 05-09-19 03:00 AM


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Iride01 05-09-19 10:16 AM

I would think in custom a custom made bike that they asked what kind of position you wanted to be in. Did you tell them you wanted to be in a aero position? Perhaps the builder got confused by your description of what you wanted. Or perhaps you were not asking for as aero a position as you want now.

Personally, I can't see how you can brake the front without being thrown.

michaeldb 05-09-19 10:54 AM

custom is better
I agree with Iride01 that a custom frame will get you what you want. I ride a custom frame made for me by chris kvale way back in 1977. I can say from experience that all the bikes shops that looked at my frame while I was standing next to it and said it was the wrong size for my height. But when I sat on the bike everyone change their mind. To put it simply, two people the same height will fit correctly on totally different frame sizes depending on how long their arms and leg to torso ratio. My frame looks to big for me, but I have very long arms and legs (I'm 5'10" with a 34+" inseam) and a shorter torso. A good custom frame builder will get the geometry and tube lengths to work correctly for your body size... All mass produced frames are done to average group sizing. They may work for some riders perfectly and just get by for others. Custom frames builders will use the correct type and size tubing to match your riding style and demands. My frame was designed for city and long touring needs and built to racing standards. I know I was never going to race but wanted a bike with geometry that gave me higher performance than touring geometry. It was also built with a mix of columbus (seat stays), and reynolds tubing (531sldb) and cenelli semi sloping crown with fat oval blades. There were other details to my specs which may seem odd, but the bike works as good today as it did 40 years. Mass produced frame when generally made with bronze brazing rods. My was done with silver solder. Silver is more expensive but products better capillary flow and a stronger frame. Bronze works but I've cracked many frames at the lugs made with bronze brazing rods (2 raleigh gran sport, 1international). before I went custom.

Carbonfiberboy 05-09-19 11:15 AM

Guess the OP doesn't want our opinions.

fietsbob 05-12-19 10:15 AM

Zzipper Fairings on the front of the bars, are a better aero shape than the rider behind it ..

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