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ascherer 07-09-20 07:42 PM

Of Course...
...Super Course, that is. Yes, it's another SC right on the heels of non-fixie's Mk. II post. I've also been making some noise about this over here. I bought this last weekend for my son to ride around Brooklyn. I make it out to be a 1972 based on the markings and Simplex Prestige shifters despite the replacement Suntour Seven rear and Shimano AX-50 front. The rest appears stock.

Most of what I'm doing will be with parts on hand with a few strategic boosts from nlerner and noglider, thanks, guys! Drivetrain looks like Suntour Vx rear and Compe V front. I'll try a Shimano 7-speed freewheel on it. The Stronglight crankset is lovely but I I'm going to install a new bottom bracket and a Sugino Maxy I have, the one with the roundish ring pattern. Son doesn't want a leather saddle (these kids today, I'm tellin ya...) so this finely patina'd Brooks B15 Champion Narrow stays with Papa and a wide squishy Selle Royal will coddle his bum. Either North Road or All-Rounder bars with thumb shifters. Headset felt like it was shot but it's nice and smooth after cleaning. The wheels are fine, surprisingly true Weinmann 27x1.25 rims, Normandy hub, Atom Skewers. Go figure. The bike doesn't show a lot of wear, but the drive side cone on the rear hub was shot. I had a spare that fit so that's settled. I'll put 27 x 1.25 Paselas on if I can get 'em. Tires are scarce these days. Weinmann 750s will get Kool Stops. As pictured it weighed 26.7 pounds, I'm guessing it'll drop maybe a pound after I'm done.

I rode it briefly when I picked it up and it felt surprisingly light and lively. I may end up a bit jealous of this build! If he ever decides to move on from it, it's a size or two small for me but I've had worse!

Piff 07-09-20 09:43 PM

Awful purdy bike. I put some vbrake kool stop pads on my Super Course centerpulls and it really improved my braking. Especially on the rear.

Wildwood 07-10-20 12:50 AM

Certainly not after '72 based on script Raleigh on downtube.

non-fixie 07-10-20 02:31 AM

That is a beautiful example. I like the clean and elegant look of that era. The understated decals and the steel crankset really do the bike some favors. Nice!

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