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Hondo Gravel 03-28-20 01:30 PM

Chores are yard maintenance a catching up on stuff now that I’m physically able to do so required Friday as well. Today Saturday I am shot :lol: so ride #13 won’t happen until Sunday. I will get no benefit from a workout today.

Hondo Gravel 03-29-20 12:22 PM

Sunday looks like a rest day too :50: I need to recover after a full throttle manual labor festival. I needed to catch up on everything that got neglected. Went too hard starting back up but will return focused. Not in my 20s anymore though I think I am :lol:

Hondo Gravel 03-30-20 06:46 PM

Ride #13. 2 hours 50 minutes 26 seconds. 35.11 miles. avg speed 12.3 mph.

Restarted after a few days off. Isolated roads due to everything being shut down. Good ride.

Hondo Gravel 03-31-20 04:35 PM

Ride #14 3:02:33. 37.37 miles. Avg speed 12.2 mph

Brisk north wind but nice dry cool weather. Tiring ride took off with too heavy of a lunch lol.

Hondo Gravel 04-01-20 06:17 PM

Ride #15 . 3:27:54. 40.74 miles Avg speed 11.7 mph

Better feel today because I took off on an empty stomach and ate in intervals during the ride. Rain forecast for the next 7 days.

Hondo Gravel 04-02-20 01:03 PM

Ride #16 1:33:15. 18.98 miles. Avg speed 12.1 mph

Got rained out so a fewer miles but that’s ok I needed a light ride. Wet stretch of weather forecast.

Hondo Gravel 04-05-20 12:33 PM

Friday and Saturday were rain outs but I needed the rest anyways 132 miles so far this week. I will get in a Sunday ride to add to the weekly total. Lack motivation right now :twitchy:

Hondo Gravel 04-05-20 04:35 PM

Ride #17 . 3:02:20. 37.20 miles. Avg Speed 12.2 mph

Nice cool overcast weather .. No wind ....

Hondo Gravel 04-06-20 02:27 PM

Ride #18 2:26:47 30.53 miles. Avg speed 12.4 mph

Standard training ride today. I took this picture of an old restored hotel that served people coming through on stage coaches starting in the 1840s. Some interesting history just a few miles from my beer fridge :D

Hondo Gravel 04-07-20 06:23 PM

Ride #19 . 2:54:14. 33.94 miles. Avg speed 11.6 mph

Was a nasty muggy ride. It was like riding in a swamp. I think I was feeling last nights brew. Sweat would just stick it is so humid.

rumrunn6 04-09-20 03:03 PM

Originally Posted by Hondo Gravel (Post 21403913)
picture of an old restored hotel that served people coming through on stage coaches starting in the 1840s. Some interesting history just a few miles from my beer fridge :D

stone! you have a quarry in the area?

Hondo Gravel 04-09-20 03:14 PM

Originally Posted by rumrunn6 (Post 21409750)
stone! you have a quarry in the area?

several rock quarries in the area .. mostly gravel.

Hondo Gravel 04-09-20 04:46 PM

Ride #20 . 0:52:45. 9.53 miles Avg speed 10.8 mph

Rained out and threat of lightning. So a short ride today.

Hondo Gravel 04-10-20 03:16 PM

Ride #21 51.36 miles 4:18:09. Avg Speed 11.9 mph.

Nice cool overcast day with a brisk East wind. Decided to get 50 miles in and was easier than I expected
Had a buzz killing flat but I carry 2 tubes, 2 pumps and CO2 because I’m in the middle of nowhere.
Hey we are hungry
It’s Texas lol
Buzz Killing moment but that is how it goes sometimes.

Hondo Gravel 04-11-20 05:26 PM

Ride #22 . 31.85 miles. 2:39:20. Avg speed 11.9 mph

Nothing special just a typical ride in warm muggy weather. A bit tired from yesterday’s 51 hilly gravel miles.

Hondo Gravel 04-13-20 04:36 PM

Ride #23 . 31.55 miles. 2:37:54. Avg speed 12.0 mph

Was very unmotivated today my legs were tired probably from 10 hours of yard work yesterday. I was glad to be back at my gate.

Hondo Gravel 04-15-20 05:29 PM

Ride #24 . 47.02 miles. 3:46:57. Avg speed 12.4 mph

Nice cool weather. Was going for 50 but ran out of gas.

Hondo Gravel 04-16-20 02:13 PM

Ride #25 will have to wait until Friday.. Had some heavy tree maintenance work and a 47 miler so the young old man needs a rest. I want to ride but I know I’m doing the smart thing by getting some rest. Here the gravel grinder sits for some minor maintenance.

Hondo Gravel 04-17-20 05:39 PM

Ride #25 53.26 miles. 4:15:16. Avg speed 12.5 mph

Had a rear flat at the 30.26 mile mark. Repair the flat cruised on got back noticed the rear tire was low. Sprayed some soapy water on tire found another puncture. The rear tire is worn out I have a new one so the new one goes on. I was trying to get every last mile out of that tire maybe too many miles. LOL. Anyways the picture is the surveillance camera warning in the middle of nowhere. Like who cares? I guess I do enough to take a photo.

Hondo Gravel 04-19-20 05:39 PM

Ride #26 . 32.37 miles 2:45:03. Avg speed 11.7 mph

Very windy and was a tough ride into the wind. Warm gusty west wind off the Mexican desert.

Hondo Gravel 04-20-20 02:31 PM

Ride #27 . 37.49 miles. 3:07:43. Avg speed 11.9 mph

Gusty south wind made the ride challenging.

Hondo Gravel 04-21-20 05:03 PM

Ride #28 . 26.09 miles. 2:09:23. Avg speed 12.0 mph

Very boring training ride. Getting somewhat burned out and the same roads are getting boring. Maybe I need a rest day or two. Will see tomorrow.

Hondo Gravel 04-23-20 02:16 PM

Preparing for Ride #29 one day off for rest. This will give me a boost.

Hondo Gravel 04-23-20 06:30 PM

Ride #29 . 39.51 miles. 3:08:37. Avg speed 12.5 mph

Flats and hills a good balance today. Kind of hot in the 90s but low humidity.
Look closer someone sharpied what I was thinking.
Texas Longhorn cruising by.

Hondo Gravel 04-26-20 02:47 PM

Ride #30 . 45.34 miles. 3:35:29. Avg speed 12.6 mph

Direct sunlight ride. Became windy on the second half. Mixed terrain flats, hills, pavement and gravel.

Found an old oak tree for a shaded pit stop.

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