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Hondo Gravel 05-02-19 03:02 PM

You get one speed only
This bike is fun to ride and it is funny when you try to shift and their isnít any shifters.

John E 05-02-19 04:06 PM

I'll keep my gears, thank you. :)

TimothyH 05-02-19 04:42 PM

One is all you need. :)

caloso 05-02-19 04:59 PM

One is enough.

ZIPP2001 05-02-19 05:31 PM

Nothing wrong with just one.

OldTryGuy 05-02-19 07:50 PM

One gear is just too lonely for my bikes......

tcs 05-03-19 09:23 AM

I had a single speed, you know, back in the 60s before I got my first ten speed. :thumb:

indyfabz 05-03-19 11:52 AM

"One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do."

I like this bike because it has 25 speeds:

North Vybe: Road Bike

DiabloScott 05-03-19 03:17 PM

My bike has two gears, but they're both the same... so I never used the other one.

If you have more than two bikes, one of them should be a fixed gear.

JohnDThompson 05-03-19 05:47 PM

One gear, but it's a good one. I've done several century rides on this bike:

big john 05-03-19 06:01 PM

Originally Posted by indyfabz (Post 20912723)
"One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do."

I like this bike because it has 25 speeds:

North Vybe: Road Bike

How do they figure that out?

It seems to be one size fits all.

schiavonec 05-03-19 08:08 PM

SS can be fun but I live in CO. Being at a suboptimal gear 80% of the time isn't fun. Yep, one can do it, but there is no impetus to do so. I gave up the SS/FG thing 20 years ago. I would be tempted if ever going back to coastal FL though.

FiftySix 05-05-19 09:09 AM

If I ever went single speed, I want to be cable free with an old school coaster brake. Childhood memories on a bigger bike. :)

But honestly, I'd cheat and get a bike with a kickback hub or something. :o

Oh, who am I kidding. I don't have room in the garage and the wife would go nuts. :troll:

fietsbob 05-05-19 10:38 AM

One speed drive train , Planetary gears in hub & crankset .. hills constrain the river as it enters the sea here ..

tried a 1 speed , 71.5" gear , was not making me happy so I stripped it apart again..


Wilmingtech 05-05-19 10:43 AM

One = Horizontal

fietsbob 05-05-19 01:46 PM

Originally Posted by Wilmingtech (Post 20915018)
One = Horizontal

Or, Velodrome ..

79pmooney 05-05-19 02:03 PM

I love fix gears. Heard about the 3-speed Sturmey-Archers 40+ years ago from the guru-to-be but got the impression they were not up to racing abuse and I was a racer. So it was 1 X 1 for decades. But I started justing for fix gears I could take into the hills as an older man so I had a frame built with a dropout long enough to run any 1/8" cog. Loved it, Next step was a real shop quality big chainwhip that attaches to the toptube and weighs 16 oz. Now I could leave the house with a 17,23 fix-fix wheel and carry a 12 tooth for the big descent. Heaven!

Later I took this one step further and set another bike up triple chainline; the 1/8" chainrings and 3 cogs, two on one side. For a trial run, I took this with that same chainwhip and a newly acquired 24 tooth on the Trask River Trail to the Oregon coast. 18% gravel both up and down.

JohnDThompson - sweet ride! I like the others here but that bike is special.


leob1 05-06-19 07:30 AM

Single speed and no suspension, I called mine "the bike of truth". (it's even orange)

I just changed my ridged single speed 29'er to an 11 x 1. I rode it SS for a few years, it's time for a change.

fietsbob 05-06-19 10:42 AM

I have seen old photos of British village level time trial meets , they were using 3 speeds , ..

perhaps because the Derailleur was so French ..

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