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Seattle Forrest 08-19-20 02:11 PM

Bluetooth shoes still have a 3.5 mm jack
These shoes have tech specs. Each shoe has up to six hours of battery life, and the included charger magnetically attaches to the back of them to recharge. DropLabs has both iOS and Android apps that allow you to toggle the bass intensity. The shoes can also be put into an “ultra low latency” mode for gaming. Inside the box, DropLabs includes a cable splitter, so you can hook up a gaming headset that outputs to a 3.5mm male plug.



ahsposo 08-19-20 03:09 PM

Do they come in EEEEE width?

no motor? 08-19-20 05:35 PM

I was wondering where the typo was at first.

bikecrate 08-20-20 11:45 AM

Steps in puddle, short circuits feet.

nomadmax 08-21-20 04:12 AM

I've lived too long.

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