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GrainBrain 10-13-19 02:32 PM

Is this tire ok? Rubber peeling from wire bead :(

I had bought these Vittoria Randonneur tires probably back in 2014? 700c x 37mm, mounted once on my mtb for maybe 30 miles then put away till now. I kept them inside, and decided to experiment with using them on a cheap gravel build.

So I'm trying to mount them and the rubber is peeling from the wire bead! Ugh, from the included photo even the fabric casing is getting rubbed away. I'm afraid these tires are done for. I'm trying to mount them using Pedro tire levers unto DT Swiss R460 rims, haven't had this happen to my other road tires (ugh these rims are tough to mount tires on!)

So should I throw away these tires? Thanks for sharing any info!!

bikemig 10-13-19 02:34 PM

I don't see a pic but I'd throw them out. I had something similar happen to a vittoria randonneur 26 x 1.75 tire. There is no reason to risk a tire failure on a bike ride.

I am not impressed with the tire.

dsbrantjr 10-13-19 03:35 PM

Toss them. The strength of a tire is in the fabric/wire cords and yours are seriously compromised. They are unsafe and not usable. They might even blow out in your face while you are inflating them.

FiftySix 10-13-19 04:48 PM

Originally Posted by dsbrantjr (Post 21162216)
Toss them.


AnkleWork 10-13-19 10:44 PM

Too fuzzy (in more than one way).

JoeTBM 10-14-19 02:00 AM

If you use them prepare for trouble, I'd toss them

GrainBrain 10-14-19 11:07 AM

Thanks all, yup I figured they're bad so out they went. Thanks for the info @bikemig, what a bummer!

Good riddance I suppose, I've got a set of Gravel King SK's enroute now :D

rumrunn6 10-16-19 02:52 PM

hmmm, 2 wires? that's cool. this tire only had 1

GrainBrain 10-17-19 07:51 AM

Originally Posted by rumrunn6 (Post 21166750)
hmmm, 2 wires? that's cool. this tire only had 1

Yikes that looks like a roadside failure!?

rumrunn6 10-17-19 07:59 AM

Originally Posted by GrainBrain (Post 21167664)
Yikes that looks like a roadside failure!?

yup. I drove 2 hrs to get to that place. was in the woods alone. changed 1 tube not figuring out what tore it. got down the trail a cpl miles more & it blew again. that 2nd time I saw what was going on. used my last tube & used some electrical tape & a band-aid to cover the wire end. had nothing on me to snip it with. got it to seat & inflate & hold my weight but played it safe & hitched a ride back to my car. yeah that day stunk

Wilfred Laurier 10-17-19 01:31 PM

Stick some toast in it - it's forked!

CliffordK 10-17-19 01:40 PM

Originally Posted by GrainBrain (Post 21162141)

I can see about an inch of bare wires. That would be entirely unsupported.

You're at a serious risk of a blowout.

You might be able to do a field repair with a sewing awl, but not for use just because.

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