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sknhgy 11-27-20 07:47 AM

star nut sizing
I'm having trouble getting the correct size star nut for my new fork. All the star nuts I look at seem to be sized to the O.D. of the steerer tube, but the I.D. of the fork tubes varies.
The I.D. of my old tube measures .975". The I.D. of my new tube measures 1.004". I ordered a new nut but it is too small. I scavenged the nut from my old fork but it is too small. All the nuts I look at online are sized to the O.D. of the tube.

I need a star nut that is a bit bigger than 1 inch in its uncompressed state. How do I get one that size? I found one place that tells you the actual O.D. of the nut but they are in England.

Iride01 11-27-20 11:35 AM

Is the OD of the new and old tube the same? The one with an ID of 1.004" obviously isn't a 1" OD steerer.

I've had 1" steerers that are different wall thicknes on threaded tubes. How common that is for threadless steerer tubes, I don't know. Assuming the star nut was bought for the correct OD size I'd think it'd push down into and work with tubes of differing wall thickness. However once used with a thick wall, it likely won't hold in a thin wall.

Perhaps you got a returned star nut from someone that shoved it through a tube already.

HillRider 11-27-20 11:54 AM

What is your new steerer made of, steel, aluminum or carbon? All1-1/8" steerers have an OD of 1.125" but a steel steerer has an ID of right around 1.00" while carbon steerers have an ID of around 0.85" to 0.95". If your steerer is a different material from the old one, that could explain the ID size difference.

sknhgy 11-27-20 05:51 PM

I talked to a customer rep at Nashbar and he recommended a star nut. The old one is aluminum(?) and the new one is steel. The new one is thinner. They are both 1.125" OD.
ANYWAY, it seems only in England do they provide the star nut's actual measurement. I wish they did that here.

Iride01 11-27-20 06:24 PM

Try this

It's supposed to fit 1-1/8 steel steerers.

HillRider 11-27-20 07:54 PM

I have two new-in-box 1-1/8" threadless headsets and a star nut left over from a headset installed on a carbon steerer (expander plug only!). All three of these starnuts are about 1-1/8" OD and would be a press fit into any 1-1/8" steerer OD. I don't know how you got a starnut too small to fit unless it was previously used.

Andrew R Stewart 11-27-20 09:21 PM

I went through this a while ago with a steel steerer (in 1 1/8"). At that time the star nuts provided by Chris King were a tight bfit in the larger ID steel steerer. The number of AL steerer star nuts were plenty and if one is using a star nut on a carbon steerer then you are in need for more then a well fitting nut...:)

But this thread speaks to the changing manor of our industry. back in the day one would just visit their LBS with steerer in hand and test fit the shop's stock. But this was when it was economical for a shop to stock all the various sizes of a common part. Of course in today's world of so many manufactures trying to stand out in the market place that the number of choices are bewildering to many and, IMO, needless in real life design. But it's not the after the sale service that so much of our distribution model is based on so no surprise. Andy

sknhgy 11-28-20 07:26 AM

Any tips on installation without a tool?

I've watched some youtubes where they tap it around.

HillRider 11-28-20 10:54 AM

Originally Posted by sknhgy (Post 21809215)
Any tips on installation without a tool?

I've watched some youtubes where they tap it around.

I ithread a fairly long M6 bolt into the starnut and use it to hold the nut positioned over the steerer. Then pound on the bolt head to get the nut started and keep it visually straight. Once it's just below flush, I remove the bolt, add the steerer top cap and reinstall the bolt through the cap. Then drive the nut to its final depth with the cap acting as a guide.

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