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Barrettscv 01-04-20 02:04 PM

Campagnolo triple front derailleurs
Two braze on 10 speed triple front derailleurs. One is a Racing T, the other is a Centaur. What’s it worth?

Spaghetti Legs 01-07-20 02:36 PM

Average on a non carbon fiber pre 11 sp is usually around $25. I don’t know about the triple though, maybe more. I put a bunch of Campy FD in the for sale section recently, however, and no nibbles in the $20 range.

I might have some interest in the triple, especially if you’re interested in a trade.

DMC707 01-08-20 04:29 PM

I think I paid about $45 for a Racing T on ebay - that was 2 years ago though

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