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-holiday76 11-07-08 10:16 PM

and that was basically the end of the bike route.

a few hundred feet later I enter my town. It's starting to get dark.

and before I know it I'm in my back alley.

and the bianchi is back in his shack with his friends.

and thats it.

Wow. that was a lot of work. I think next time I'll just make a video.

bigbossman 11-07-08 10:39 PM

Originally Posted by -holiday76 (Post 7812319)
then i headed back down the trail. I decided to get a closer look at those two big iron balls. I still have no idea what they are.......but they're big.

They almost look like ocean buoys...... but they have gear rings around them.

I have no idea, but they sure are big. :D

bikingshearer 11-08-08 10:34 PM

I'm guessing they are made out of silicon and were taken out of some starlet.

daidalas 11-08-08 11:09 PM

That was a solid thread holiday76. I've never been to philly before, but i kinda feel like i just took a vacation there after looking through all your pics, great documentation!

curbtender 11-09-08 07:34 AM

Originally Posted by bikingshearer (Post 7816487)
I'm guessing they are made out of silicon and were taken out of some starlet.

Good one. With all the textile manufacturing I'd say it's some kind of mixer.

bigbossman 11-09-08 12:53 PM

I hooked up again with the NorCal BF guys, and we took a shot at getting a ride in before a storm heading our way. The forecast called for rain at 3pm, so we hustled off and tried to get one in under the wire.

This time, we rode up the coastal hills from the Palo Alto side, with the plan to loop over to the coast and back and get in 60 or so miles before returning. Ambitious plan, considering.

Turns out, it was a little too ambitious. The first climb up Page Mill Road was a back-breaker, and after ~9 or so miles of slogging up high single and often mid-range to high double digit inclines, I was pretty whacked. After reaching the top, a fellow rider and I put on our skirts and bailed out of the main group. There was just no way I was going to make it all the way to the coast and back, suffer two more major climbs, and beat the weather. Plus, being the slowest, I was holding everyone up.

Turned out to be a very good decision. All told, Mark and I bagged 45 miles and 4000'+ of climbing, and got back to the car at 2pm....... 10 minutes ahead of the rain.

The main group made it to the coast, but got caught in the storm midway back and had to negotiate 2 major descents in sloppy weather. No thanks.

A few pics:

Garmin Trace:

The never-ending climb:

Mt Diablo, in the distance:

A little more crazy:


A hunter, hunting:

The payoff:

bigbossman 11-09-08 11:48 PM

I was feeling a bit cheated after bailing and taking the shortcut on Saturday's ride, so I accepted Bikingshearer's invitation for a ride Sunday.

We started from my house, and went straight up Norris Canyon towards Crow Canyon. There is a little bit of Norris that is in excess of 14%, and in short order I was questioning the wisdom of doing this ride. Soon the suffering was over, and we headed down the backside and continued on.

My legs were pretty dead from Saturday's ride, but I took it easy and managed to not hold anyone up this time. Once we reached Castro Valley, we turned up Redwood and started climbing some more. The major climb up Redwood is pretty easy, and getting to the top was achieved in pretty short order.

The scenery up there is very nice, and the traffic was sparse. We really had a good time just tooling along and enjoying the day. There were lots of wet patches left over in the shady corners, and the descents were a bit on the chilly side through the forested parts. But after we turned off on Pinehurst and headed for Moraga, the temperature warmed up acceptably.

We reached Moraga in short order, and I insisted on coffee and a pastry, so we stopped at a local coffee house/cafť. After a decent cup o' joe and a remarkably bad piece of coffee cake, we took off and headed for Walnut Creek.

Since Carl and Rich had started in Walnut Creek, we split up there and I headed for home - a straight 10 mile run down Danville Blvd. By the time I reached my driveway, it was getting noticeably cooler and the sun was setting fast. All told, 42 miles and another 2500 or so in climbing for the day.

For a weekend that was supposed to be a total loss, I managed to bag a grand total of about 85 miles and 6500-7000' of climbing. Not too shabby.

A few pics:

Garmin trace:

Las Trampas Ridge, looking towards home:

Autumn colors:

Carl and Rich, climbing up Redwood:

A nice bit of shady road:

bikingshearer 11-10-08 02:03 PM

Originally Posted by bigbossman (Post 7821374)

Wrong, BBM - this is a shot of Eddy Merckx c.1969 and Greg Lemond c.1986. Can't you tell from the team jerseys? :rolleyes:

Yeah, it was a good ride. And bigbossman never worries about holding anyone up when he rides with me - that's my job.

Also, he lied about it being 14% on parts of Norris Canyon. My computer only showed 13%. But leave it to BBM to be a Nancy Boy and exagerate things . . . .

bigbossman 11-10-08 02:44 PM

Originally Posted by bikingshearer (Post 7824383)
Also, he lied about it being 14% on parts of Norris Canyon. My computer only showed 13%. But leave it to BBM to be a Nancy Boy and exagerate things . . . .

Hey - I reported what Garmin told me. If you can't trust US Government satellites, who can you trust?

phillyrider 11-10-08 04:20 PM

Nice tour of Philly...great highlights of Philly. I often hit the mannyunk trail up towards along the urban decay as an early morning ride. You captured things well.

Fall is, by far, the best time of year. Great photos.

phillyrider 11-10-08 06:24 PM

PS - sorry that I am out of sync with the compliment. Wish we had redwoods and anywhere near the views in CA. I also dig the photos...

Exit. 11-13-08 04:05 PM

BBM, you are the king of sweet ride photos.

bikingshearer 11-14-08 07:24 PM

Originally Posted by Exit. (Post 7845879)
BBM, you are the king of sweet ride photos.

If you keep saying things like that to him, his head is going to keep swelling. That may not be big deal to you, but I gotta ride with the guy. ;)

bigbossman 11-15-08 03:19 AM

Originally Posted by bikingshearer (Post 7853724)
If you keep saying things like that to him, his head is going to keep swelling. That may not be big deal to you, but I gotta ride with the guy. ;)

Speaking of which....what're you doing this weekend?

Old Fat Guy 11-15-08 07:04 AM

BBM, What's with the Faema jersey? Not cool ;-)

bigbossman 11-15-08 12:13 PM

Originally Posted by Old Fat Guy (Post 7855650)
BBM, What's with the Faema jersey? Not cool ;-)

Not mine. :p

bigbossman 11-15-08 11:43 PM

We are having beautiful weather here in the SF Bay Area, and today was no exception. Bikingshearer extended a late-inning invite to go for a ride, and as luck would have it I had nothing better to do.

We did a relatively short ~30 mile loop up Skyline and back, and got treated to stunning views of the bay while meeting friendly folks the whole day long. I got to go down Pinehurst (a new descent for me), and that was a a real treat rolling through a cool redwood forest.

Topped off with a nice lunch with BS and his charming "SO", and the day was complete:

A little of what we saw:

First vista:

Mt Diablo in the distance:

Oakland, San Francisco, The Bay Bridge, and The Golden Gate Bridge:

A cute little car:

The Golden Gate and Alcatraz in the distance:

A fun little scooter:

Hairpins coming down Pinehurst:

YoKev 11-16-08 12:53 PM

I did a nice short ride from Kingston to Burger Hill in Rhinebeck. It was windy as hell up there, but the view was pretty darn good.

dudeona3V 11-18-08 05:38 PM

Around 80į in Denver today. Snuck off to exercise the Gran Crit a little (45 mi). What an awesome day.

due ruote 11-23-08 11:53 AM

Early morning ride along Lake Michigan. Yeah, that's ice.

patbateman 11-23-08 04:48 PM

Rode from my home in San Luis Obispo to Pismo beach, then up the coast through shell beach, stopped for lunch in Avila beach and then road back on the Bob Jones bike trail and then the frontage road back into San Luis.

Total of 32 miles, beautiful weather, didn't have my camera, but I'm definitely taking it next time, there are some great views on that ride.

Only 673 feet of ascent, which made for relatively easy riding.

retrofit 11-25-08 03:36 PM

Great way to begin a new year -- an open road with the wind at your back. :thumb:

We should all look so good at 61. :)



yamura 11-25-08 08:20 PM


About where were those pictures taken?

Lots of fond memories racing in & around Austin, Buda, Driftwood in the mid-70s....

Gordo Grande 11-25-08 10:44 PM

Originally Posted by -holiday76 (Post 7908932)
I live in Phoenixville PA which is an old former steel town and a suburb of Philadelphia. It's on the Skukill River which flows into Philadelphia. There is a bike path with goes next to the river all the way to the city.

I wanted to start out my pictures at my local coffee shop, but unfortunately, and this always seems to happen to me, there was a really weird guy hanging outside where my bike was. He really really really wanted to talk to me about his BMX bike from what I could gather. I didnt gather much because I really couldnt understand him due to an accent and the fact that I think he might have been 4 quarts short of a gallon. I didnt get any pics at the coffee shop.

Instead I rode right out of town to the trail head.

oh, let me just warn you a lot of these pics are probably boring and redundant. I'm also sure lots of people have posted pics of this bike path as its a very popular place in the area.

Anyhow, we're on our way.

Holiday76, thanks for a terrific report. I feel like I was there. BTW...I googled the name of the little boy who was killed on his bicycle. What a tragedy! So fitting that they have a memorial there for him.

I'd post some pics of my 40 mile ride through Los Angeles today, but believe me, it looks nothing llike the Pennsylvania countryside. I'll spare you folks! :lol:

Gordo Grande 11-28-08 10:09 PM

Here are a few shots from my usual training ride, the L.A. Beach Bike Path. Iíve been riding this route for more than 25 years, and I never really get tired of it. I try to avoid it on weekends, though, and crowded summer days. When Iím not riding at the beach, Iím usually down there fishingÖ.but then, thatís another story!

Hermosa Beach Pier

Manhattan Beach

The bridge over Ballona Creek

Marina Del Rey

Along Ballona Creek

A snowy egret. We also see great blue herons, pelicans, cormorants, night herons, ducks, coots and, of course, sea gulls and terns.

I hope these shots help thaw a few of you snowbirds out. L.A. ainít perfect, but at least we can ride all year round.

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