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monstorr 11-28-18 03:03 PM

Sticky post in introductions
Hi all,

I was just wondering if you guys could create a sticky on the Introductions section so folks can know when they are able to do certain things. Id say the major thing I got confused about was only being able to post 5 times within 24hrs. After doing some digging I found I was not able to PM or post links/images until a certain post amount. I am only assuming that being a new member my post amount is restricted. I really hope 5 posts a day is not a regular thing.

Thanks in advance! After spending 24hrs browsing through the forums I found some great threads to bookmark/post on!

Rollfast 11-28-18 11:24 PM

I believe you are now able to do a few of the things you wish, now that you have reached 10 posts. The restrictions are purely meant to curtail spammers just signing up and posting their junk immediately, as I'm sure you can understand.

I'm glad to see that you are finding a lot of things you are interested in already and that soon you will be able to more fully contribute. Looking forward to it!

monstorr 11-29-18 07:31 AM

Yes, totally understandable. Making it alot easier to sort through the bs posts and the real.

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