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TomPogson116 01-16-21 03:28 PM

Desmarais how to determine its value
I tried posting images but were not allowed. Any help appreciated.

TomPogson116 01-17-21 04:55 PM

I'm hoping to post images of this lovely bike, albeit in slightly rough shape, but riedable, ASAP.

surveyor6 01-17-21 05:11 PM

I have to shrink photos to around 800x800 pixels and around 50% resolution at times to post them.

Insidious C. 01-17-21 05:34 PM

link to pics

Clang 01-17-21 07:39 PM

Pic assist

randyjawa 01-19-21 02:29 AM

Value is defined by marketing skills, the bicycle itself, its condition, its size and, believe it or not, its location. In this case we have a relatively unknown brand, in poor cosmetic condition. It may or may not be in sound mechanical condition. It will need lubrication, tires, probably brake pads and such. If you can do the work yourself, figure on a hundred dollars for a basic rebuilt. If you have to have the work done by someone else, add at least another hundred dollars.

Personally, were the bike offered to me, I would go $50 to $100 and no more. I determine value by doing this for a long long time and after finding, building, riding and parting with hundreds of vintage road bicycles. I also go to completed auctions on Ebay to see what bikes are/have sold for. In this case, you might not find many bikes to compare due to the obscure nature of the make.

So, best of luck with the bike and one more thing - are vintage road bikes popular in Alaska? My guess would be not so much - another value impactor.

jonny7 01-19-21 05:31 PM

If this bike showed up on my local marketplace, I'd probably offer a bit more than what Randyjawa would. From what I know, Desmarais bikes were build in Trois-Rivières, Québec (I wonder how yours got to Alaska!) and are somehow related to Limongi bikes. I've never seen a low-end Desmarais, most of them are either mid-range or hi-end stuff (at least from what I've seen). What is the groupset on yours? Looks like 105? I really love the color combo of the frame btw. Would love to see the bike in person. I'd love to own a DMS.

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