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Domromer 03-12-19 03:42 PM

Front rack for 2011 mukluk.
I'm gearing up for an AZT section bike from Flagstaff to Utah. I want to use a basket set up. I've already got a nice wald basket to use but I'm after a front rack that will work on a 2011 mukluk...any recommendations? I'm having a hard time finding one that will fit.

MarcusT 03-12-19 11:13 PM

Not sure if they make fat bike specific front racks, but I have used a Zefel low rider. They use screw clamp rings to affix to the fork. A little bending needs to be done to widen them, but good for loads up to 10 kg

Also check out Chris Rishworth on Youtube. He uses a fat bike and has front racks mounted

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