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Ironfish653 09-27-18 06:35 AM

NOLA Routes, Rides, and Trails
Looking for route recommendations and trails for day rides in and around NOLA, both north and south of the city.
Also looking for any state / regional parks to possibly camp for a night or two.

Going to be in NOLA area for some training over the next couple of weeks. I've got a somewhat irregular schedule, and a weekend, so I'll have a few days free, so I'm bringing a bike with me. I plan on making a visit to the French Quarter, to do the tourist thing; leaving the car somewhere outside downtown, and making the approach by bike.

Paul Barnard 09-27-18 08:19 AM

I am a NOLA area resident. The easiest to accomplish local rides are on the MUPs atop the river levee and those that run along Lake Pontchartrain. There is no vehicular traffic on the routes. Google satellite maps show the paths well.



And the Tammany Trace Bike Trail runs right through the park!

I can also recommend riding Highway 51, adjacent to I-55 through the marsh from Laplace LA out and back. There's almost no vehicular traffic, the road has a wide shoulder, and the scenery is kinda cool, especially for someone from out of the area.

debade 09-27-18 10:49 AM

Maybe the local bike advocacy group can help you out Bike Easy

sch 10-04-18 07:48 AM

Well there is always the Strava Heat Map which shows where strava users bicycle. It covers the entire world. Pontchartrain and the river
and canals do put limits but the heat map shows what locals do. This will get you to NoLa

You can customize the colors and expand it to see road names. You can also google for local bike clubs which may have ride listings and maps.

teasel 11-09-18 04:22 PM

There is a really nice trail that goes along the north shore of the lake, but you'd have to drive across which is maybe a little more of a trip than you're looking for.

teasel 11-09-18 04:23 PM

Also check out gerkens bike shop, they are the best in town.

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