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wgscott 04-06-19 09:50 PM

Dangers from Antalabbits
I will be cycling in the West this summer and hear that antalabbits can be quite dangerous.

Has anyone had any bad experiences with them?

Is bear spray effective against them or is there antalabbit spray?

Are they really even more savage than jackalopes?


skidder 04-07-19 08:08 AM

I'd be more worried about running into a chupacabra that a jackalope or antalabbit in the west (especially the southwest near the Mexican border). Even King Arthur and is band of misfit knights ain't gonna save you from one.

jamawani 04-07-19 08:46 AM

Antalabbits are harmless.

indyfabz 04-08-19 07:15 AM

Don't know about them, but I once sat down on the side of the road to shed my leg warmers, etc., and realized a few minutes later that I had parked my butt on top of an ant hole. The residents were not pleased. I discovered my mistake when I pulled up my bibs and smushed them against my back and stomach. Lots of stings.

fietsbob 04-08-19 04:59 PM

CliffordK 04-08-19 05:21 PM

Not sure about those rabbit things, but one should be wary of touring in Atlantis... it could disappear any time.

jamawani 04-08-19 06:16 PM

No, no, no, no.

There is a BIG difference between jackalopes and antalabbits.
Jackalopes are crosses between male jack rabbits and female antelopes and are extremely dangerous.
Antalabbbits are crosses between male antelopes and female jack rabbits and are docile, even skittish.
People in the know would never mistake a jackalope for an antalabbit.

350htrr 04-08-19 06:32 PM

Really...??? Just ride over them, and have them for supped...

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