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BFisher 11-22-19 08:37 PM

C&V: How old is old?
Bikes or not, what's the oldest thing you own? Here's mine:
1883 Morgan Dollar

jamesdak 11-22-19 09:06 PM

I'll play...

Off the top of my head it's most likely this chair. Best guess from the experts is 1870's. Picked it up as in the first pic for a crazy $54. Fabric was pretty good but I could tell the springs needed retying. Also did have some crude repairs but was still solid.

Liked it enough and found it comfortable enough to put the money into having the springs and upholstery redone. Left the finish alone as at the time I didn't know how old or the value. Oh, one of the wooden front casters was broken so the shop put on a modern one. Opted to leave the other original one on to help date it and such.

This is how it looks now after the rework. I use it every day now and it's a great old chair.

It's Walnut with lots of carvings, burl adornments, and burl inlaid.

BFisher 11-22-19 09:09 PM

That chair is beautiful! Love it!

Miele Man 11-22-19 10:08 PM

I have a number of books from the 1880s.


nlerner 11-22-19 11:22 PM

The house I live in was built in 1851.

Sandstrom 11-22-19 11:25 PM

Somewhere around here I have an Edward I silver penny from the 13th century, definitely the oldest thing I own...

Andy_K 11-23-19 12:04 AM

I think this is the oldest thing I own.

A bit newer, and possibly a fake, but also cool. This was the first coin to picture an automobile. I bought it from a street vendor in Shanghai who had a pile of old coins for sale. The reason I think it might not be fake is because he didn't try to convince me that there was anything special about it.

And since I'm a nerd, let me show you my oldest calculator.

RobbieTunes 11-23-19 06:01 AM

How old is old?
Can there be too much cheese?

Wildwood 11-23-19 06:07 AM

Somewhere I have a piece of a 'petrified tree', possibly millions of years old.

Sorry can't be bothered to locate it for a pic. :rolleyes:

RobbieTunes 11-23-19 06:10 AM

I have a moon rock. That's what the guy told me, anyway.

top506 11-23-19 07:16 AM

I'm sure I could come up with something older (like the house itself), but the date on this is nice and clear.


76SLT 11-23-19 07:19 AM

My house that was built in 1861.

blackbomber 11-23-19 07:20 AM

Possibly my house (1927).
my oldest bike is 1932.

BFisher 11-23-19 07:40 AM

Originally Posted by RobbieTunes (Post 21220185)
Can there be too much cheese?

Ha ha!
Any cheese is too much cheese.

BFisher 11-23-19 07:43 AM

Originally Posted by Wildwood (Post 21220187)
Somewhere I have a piece of a 'petrified tree', possibly millions of years old.

Sorry can't be bothered to locate it for a pic. :rolleyes:

Originally Posted by RobbieTunes (Post 21220189)
I have a moon rock. That's what the guy told me, anyway.

Well, I guess I was wrong. The chunk of coal I found the other day must predate my coin. I also don't care to provide a pic.

iab 11-23-19 08:44 AM

Oldest MANMADE doohickey is a Italian ducat from about 1400. Otherwise, the dirt in my backyard is as old as dirt.

BFisher 11-23-19 08:56 AM

An Edward I and an Italian ducat - wow! Found, or purchased?

OldsCOOL 11-23-19 09:05 AM

How about a Roman Denarius from 300AD??

deux jambes 11-23-19 10:02 AM

Late teens to early 20’s parlor guitar built by Regal Instruments in Chicago, IL for the B&J “Victoria” label. Hand crafted. All sold woods. The tone produced by a lightly braced 100 yr old spruce top over a birch back & sides is absolutely delicious to my ears.

OldsCOOL 11-23-19 10:59 AM

Picked up this Flexible Flyer sled for 22.00 thinking it was 1930-40s but was shocked to discover it was of the rare first series in the late 1800’s. Incredible find that may end up in our town’s museum.

Moe Zhoost 11-23-19 11:21 AM

Well, I could say that the rocks I pick up as souvenirs on the trails that I ride are probably pretty darn old.

Just owning something old is ok; however taking it a step further how 'bout describing the oldest thing that you still use regularly. I have a number of woodworking tools that were new in the late 1800's - planes, chisels, sawsets, for example. I love using them because it's like shaking hands with the original craftsman owner.

I have a couple of sewing machines that have reached the century mark and still perform great. I have to admit though that I don't use them as much as my newer machine (it's only 70 years old).

JaccoW 11-23-19 11:26 AM

My girlfriend has a book about walks through the town of Leiden from 1949 and we live in a former monastry that was built in 1959 after the Americans bombed the original from 1927 in 1943.

We have some ivory boxes and even an ivory bookmark but nothing truly ancient I think.

Sandstrom 11-23-19 12:00 PM

Originally Posted by BFisher (Post 21220349)
An Edward I and an Italian ducat - wow! Found, or purchased?

Not an exciting find but purchased in York many many years ago...:)

gomango 11-23-19 12:04 PM

An armoire and bed from Bergen, Norway.

At least 1867.

Been in the family all along.

nlerner 11-23-19 01:03 PM

I have a feeling that @rhm has some really old crap.

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