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howardv 11-20-20 04:53 PM

Warning on purchasing an expensive Cycliq camera/light. Their warranty is useless.
In November 2019, I purchased a Cycliq Fly6 (Gen2) from my LBS (authorized dealer). Last month (11 months later during October 2020) it stopped turning on (with or without an SD card). I contacted Cycliq through their webpage and opened a trouble ticket. First, they wanted pictures of my camera, the SD card, and my receipt. I sent it to them. They said my 64 Gig SD card isn't on their recommended list, so I had to perform some tests using only cards on their recommended list (32Gig Extreme cards). It didn't matter to them that the unit didn't turn of without a card either. They also sent a list of tests that I had to perform. And to prove I did them, I had to send them a video!

I purchased one of their recommended SD cards ($20 from Best Buy) and made a video of the tests I performed.
. Then they said I have to ship the unit back to them in Australia (I'm in the USA). So I had to fill out complicated customs forms and pay $30 to ship it back. It was in transit for 3 weeks (U.S. Postal service first class mail).

Earlier this week, they received the unit. They have confirmed it is defective. But they have no replacements Gen2 models in stock. They're offering me a coupon to purchase a Gen3 model for $90 (regularly $220). Since I've already spent $50 in shipping and an SD card for their test, this would mean $140 out of pocket cost. My other choice is to wait for them to finish production of the Gen3 models, and then they'll produce another batch of the older Gen2 models to replace defective units. I will be put on a waiting list. No time estimates at all!!! Could be weeks or months.

My Fly6 is under manufacturers warranty. It has to be repaired or replaced with a comparable model (new or refurbished) within a reasonable amount of time. They are not honoring their warranty. I initially bought a Cycliq because I thought it's coming from a reputable company. It's an expensive camera/light. Not a cheap Chinese knock-off. It's truly disturbing that they charge so much for their cameras and don't take care of their customers when it breaks down under warranty.

Be warned if you're contemplating the purchase of a Cycliq camera. Super shady company!

cb400bill 11-20-20 05:08 PM

Thread moved from Electronics to Manufacturer Feedback.

2_i 11-24-20 09:52 PM

Sorry about your situation and thanks for the warning.

surak 11-24-20 11:23 PM

It sucks that I've heard very similar stories about them. In fact, I signed up to access their Black Friday sale, but there are just way too many complaints easily found whenever I researched the Fly cameras and I've decided not to buy from them.

wgscott 11-24-20 11:36 PM

I was considering one of these. I no longer am.

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