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mstateglfr 06-27-20 10:30 PM

Anyone know about Sepp Fuchs bikes?
Maybe a builder and/or shop in Zurich back in the day?
This pooped pooon eBay and the splatter as well as unknown name caught my attention.

Kovkov 06-28-20 03:32 AM

I’m from Zürich and i don‘t know of any frame builder with that name. Judging by the geometry and paintjob this frame is from an era where most swiss frame building companies didn‘t exist any more. I suggest this is an imported asian frame with the name of the selling shop owner slapped on it. This was quite common in the 90ies.

Charles Wahl 06-28-20 08:09 AM

There is one Josef Fuchs (aka Sepp), a Schweizer who was a notable cyclist in the late 60s thru early 80s
Here's a photo of him in 1981, having taken over Del Po's shop in Zurich
and a story about him losing his shop (apparently still Zürich) in 2008 or so

A translation of a portion of that article that might shed some light:
'The landlord was always fair
His first shop was at Bauhallengasse 7, which he took over in 1982 from a "fatherly friend and mentor". In the early years, Fuchs says, he still built racing bicycles himself, "some of them are still on the road today, I think they will soon have a cult character." When the massively cheaper models from the Far East emerged about ten years ago, Sepp Fuchs stopped producing them. To do this, he went on the offensive in a different way: he relocated to strikingly larger premises on St.-Jakob-Strasse with racing bikes and a workshop, and expanded his range to include high-quality mountain bikes. Business has flourished and the number of regular customers has grown noticeably, Fuchs reports, “we felt really comfortable here.” That is precisely why the termination comes a few years early. "At 65 I wanted to quit anyway. But now everything was going very quickly, which was a problem for me,” he admits. Nevertheless, an application for tenant extension was not an issue for him. "My landlord has always been very fair over the years, and contracts are contracts.'

There's also a Sepp Fuchs who's a notable Nederlandish fly fisherperson. While they look similar, I doubt they're the same person, though they may be about the same age (early 70s); so maybe this was a parallel passion and retirement "occupation". But there's nothing that seems to connect them other than the unusual name.

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