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Tandem Tom 06-28-20 05:55 PM

Now I want a headbadge!
So now that my first frame is painted and lug lined I had a thought while riding today.
How difficult would it be to cut out a SS "C" and form it to the headtube? I would attach it with silicone.
I really am going to finish up and ride this bike. Someday!!

Doug Fattic 06-28-20 07:29 PM

Well Tom you already know the basic principles involved that are the same as when you carved your blank lugs. You can start with the same font you used in the down tube lettering. It may have to be enlarged or reduced. A flat piece of stainless plate after cutting can be curved by squeezing between a thick inner steel tube and a slightly bigger outer tube cut in half.

Tandem Tom 06-29-20 05:34 AM

Doug, what thickness would you recommend? I'm sure we probably discussed it before but....😁

Doug Fattic 06-29-20 07:10 AM

Originally Posted by Tandem Tom (Post 21559153)
Doug, what thickness would you recommend? I'm sure we probably discussed it before but....😁

A commonly available size is 1/16" (0.062") but a little thinner like (0.040") would be more ideal. Here is a picture of a student frame that bought a 12" X 12" X 1/16" SS sheet for around $20. He brazed it onto the seat tube. He is from Michigan so you can figure out the name and plate symbolism.

Andrew R Stewart 06-29-20 07:30 AM

My head badge is a simple "S". I had a batch (actually on batch #2 just recently) cut out by I knew long ago that I would be doing this building thing for years to come so decided to invest the couple hundred $, I am very glad I did.

One aspect of what I did was the "s" is cut from flat plate and thus needs bending to fit the HT. The narrow vertical portions of the "S" don't bend like the horizontal portions do. This soden't affect the silver brazing attachment and I just file the vertical portions a bit on their edges to mimic a true "tube like" cut out. The first two I made were from a tube. This taught me that it was a lot of work made challenging by the flexible nature of the "S" and it's holding steady during filing. I found a jeweler's saw to be really nice for this.

There are at least a couple of people out there who have done one offs for others. If you are going to make another frame or 4 I strongly suggest you consider having a few badges made up and on hand now. Andy

Ocelotl 06-30-20 11:45 AM

Youtube video
Paul Brodie recently posted a video about making badges from aluminum tubing
"Custom Headtube Badge - Framebuilding 101 with Paul Brodie"
Newbie, can't post a link

Cynikal 06-30-20 12:02 PM

Here is the link.

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